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67.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
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Young hot gay guys Stroking the slab just for you!
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
67.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
How to cancel membership: Goto CCBill cutomer support page at and submit email, CC number, and subscription ID
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    young, gay
Language    English
Content Media    Movie
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie movies not reviewed yet
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    3 days
Service Since    3/23/2010
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$19.95/1 month one-time charge
$49.95/3 month one-time charge
Payment Method    Credit Card
Billing Company    N/A

    ASR Official Fact Review of
There is something to be said about youth and beauty. We know in our hearts and minds the power of those that are young and wonderful. We have plastic surgery, we eat weird shit, we shoot poisons underneath the surface of our skin all in an effort to stay young and sexy. Well, when you're looking to cum, there is nothing like looking at someone that projects that sense of youth and beauty to get you to jizz all over the place.

This is where Squirtz "cums" in. Squirtz is a fucking awesome site filled with the ABSOLUTE HOTTEST young man meat on the internet. Oh. My. GOSH! There's more more beef on this site than at Maury's Butcher shop. And these aren't those old rotted out, used up, cock smiths that you've seen at all of the other sites. These are genuinely new seemingly fresh from the birth canal twinks stroking their sausages for you.

Definitely you have got to watch the video starting SAM. He's too cute for words. After he gets done with his interview and whips out that SEVEN AND A HALF inches of pure penis you'll swoon from lack of blood pressure in your brain. Sam goes to down fucking a pillow and stroking his throbbing monster dong. Seriously, his pretty face and sweet asshole will make you squirt all over your machine.

Every day the site drops you a new boy to to drool over. Each one comes with his own stroke video and set of photos. The site has done a great job in organizing and labeling the video clips. You can click the section, like for instance, dick close up, or cum shot. The videos aren't in HD, they're embedded Quick Time files that you have to watch from within your browser. The photos are jpegs that are embedded into the frames. These are all screen caps from the actual videos as opposed to still photos that were taken on the side. You can download each individual photos, but not as whole sets.

All of the photos are just single guys in a scene that jerk their sweet cocks. There aren't any sex scenes, just solo jerk off scenes. But these are all guys that are from Montreal. Most of them are amateurs, and almost all of them are small, skinny, and pale. They're twinks! You'll be in twink heaven on this site.

Overall, Squirtz is a hot site with gorgeous guys stroking their wonderful man meat. You'll fall in love with their youthful glow and amateur innocence. If you want to be able to get off to a bunch of smoking hotties getting off then pull out that credit card and sign up!
DESIGN    8 /10
QUALITY    36 /50
QUANTITY    15 /30
SERVICE    4 /5
PRICE    4 /5
ASR score Total    67.0

  ASR Official Scores
DESIGN    8 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
QUALITY    36 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
QUANTITY    15 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
SERVICE    4 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
PRICE    4 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
ASR score Total    67.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

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