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Adult Site Ranking Scoring System

  • Total score of a website = 90% our score + 10% user score

  • At Adult Site Ranking we strive to provide our members with trustworthy reviews and reliable ranking scores. To this end we use the combined averages of two scores to ensure an objective assessment of each site.

    Each reviewed website receives a separate score from the Adult Site Ranking's Official Reviewer, as well as from any user reviews. Adult Site Ranking's scoring system calculates the Website's final score by combining 90% of our score and 10% of the user score.

    Here is an example using a total score of 95.4.
    • is the Adultsite Ranking's official review Point
    • is the Member User's average review Point.
    From AP and UP scores, the final score is calculated like this:
    95.4 = 96.0 x 0.9 + 90.0 x 0.1

  • Score (100) = Design (10) + Quality (50) + Quantity (30) + Service (5) + Price (5)

  • Our scoring system evaluates each site on Design, Quality, Quantity, Service, and Price.

    The Design score (MAX 10 POINTS) is based on the art and navigation ease of the website itself. The Quality (MAX 50 POINTS) and Quantity (MAX 30 POINTS) scores are based on the contents including video/image size, download speed, update frequency and exclusivity. The Service score (MAX 5 POINTS) is based on the level of customer support, and the Price score (MAX 5 POINTS) is arrived at by a comparison with other similar websites regarding comparable content. The maximum total score any site can achieve is 100 points.
    For example, the point total in the right score box will be calculated like this. 7 + 36 + 22 + 3 + 5 = 73

  • A 'Member' can write a review and give a 'User' point to an website.

  • Any 'Member' of Adult Site Ranking can write an one-line review for any website and may also give a 'User' point score to the website. We wanted to make sure our scoring system allowed visitors to participate in the assessment of websites, so any member can score any listed website and the 'User' point is factored in when calculating a site's total score.

    A 'Member' can give a point score from 0 to 100, and all 'User' points are averaged into one total 'User's Point' score.

    In the example on the left, the first 'Member' gave the website a score of 100 points (we award 1 star per every 10 points), the second user gave a score of 80 points, and the last user gave a score of 20 points. From these three scores, the total average score from users is calculated like this.

    66.6 = (100 + 80 + 20) / 3

    In addition to scoring a website, 'Members' can also write reviews like the one shown on the image at left.

    All these different reviews and scores help Adult Site Ranking provide trustworthy rankings and reliable reviews for the variety of adult entertainment websites listed.

  • Did you find a miscalculation of a score or do you have a question about it?

  • We strive to publish accurate and reliable scores for the websites listed on our site. However, we may on occasion get a score wrong due to a simple mistake or lack of information. We welcome your suggestions or comments regarding our scoring system so if you notice some such mistake, please let us know and we will look into it.

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