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Something Sexy Planet
57.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP

Something Sexy Planet

This is a the Online Home of the Florida Adult video and toys store. Mail order smut.
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
57.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Classification    Adult Merchant
Content Rate    Unrated
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    Toy Shop
Language    English
Content Media    Shop
Exclusive    No
Update Period    everyday
Service Since    5/1/2002

    ASR Official Fact Review of Something Sexy Planet
There are stores like Macy's or Nordstroms that are wonderful elaborate places where all of your shopping dreams can come true. Aisle after aisle of beautifully arranged items catching your eye is a shopper's dream. You can wander around and see everything that you'd love to buy. Heck the beauty of the store make is such some will visit Macy's or Nordstrom and never make a purchase.

There are other stores out like Sam's Club, Walmart, or Costco that are just shelves and stuff. Window shopping isn't done cause there basically is no windows. These big box store just act as conduits for purchase nothing more and nothing less. This is what its like shopping at is an online adult store that is just nuts and bolts. There is no additional flash, no super features just a place to by toys and porn. This is an offshoot of a small chain of adult stores located in Florida. The site runs a little slow and doesn't have much in terms of a sleek design and user-ability.

One thing that the site does have that others don't is a Live Chat feature. With this feature if you have a question about any of their items a live chatter can help you out with that. It's the one nifty feature that this site does have. This is a good way to keep interactivity and to inform people of different items on the site.

Overall this is a site that is a great site for folks that are in Florida to check out the merchandise before they go to the store. The descriptions are also pretty good and accurate so that you get a sense besides the picture. Even if you aren't in Florida this is a descent site to purchase your smut.

  • Video Format: N/A
  • Video Size: N/A
  • Ave. Length: N/A
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Image Size: Varies
  • Line Speed: Good
  •   ASR Official Scores
    DESIGN    7 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
    QUALITY    27 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
    QUANTITY    17 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
    SERVICE    3 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
    PRICE    3 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
    ASR score Total    57.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

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