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    Site Information
In The Crack
91.0     ASR score  
95.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
How to cancel membership
Go to the website and click FAQ or Contact Us and follow the instruction
ECO Porn SealThis site is clean without a pre-selected cross selling option or a hidden charge on payment processing.

In The Crack

The #1 site in the quality! High quality videos in 4K UHD and hig quality images of beautiful models. - In The Crack Review and Discount
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
91.0     ASR score  
95.0     User score  
How to cancel membership: Go to the website and click FAQ or Contact Us and follow the instruction
ECO Porn SealThis site is clean without a pre-selected cross selling option or a hidden charge on payment processing.
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Primary Category    4K UHDSite Category
2nd Categories    Butts, Pussies, Cameltoe, Asshole, Foot, Big pussy, Shaved pussy, Model, Nude, Solo girl, Masturbation, Gaping, Insertion, Toys, Flexible, Bikini, Lingerie, Fashion, 3D movie, High Definition, Photography, Outdoor, Pin-up, Tease, Modeling, Studio
3rd Categories    MILF, Asian, European, Latin, Black, Tits, Hairy, Naturism, Lesbian, Art, Erotic, Cunnilingus, Fisting, Pissing, Fetish, Panties, Stockings, Uniform, Upskirt, Clothed, Production, Yoga
Mobile Website    Unavailable
Keywords    high definition, nude, female solo, close-up, igh quality, solo girl, masturbation
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 5,865 movies, 3840x2160 max
photo 220,800 images, 4500x3000 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    3 days
Service Since    3/4/2001
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$9.95/30 days (Basic), recurring $9.95/30 days
$19.95/30 days (Stream), recurring $19.95/30 days
$24.95/30 days (Standard), recurring $24.95/30 days
$34.95/30 days (Plus), recurring $34.95/30 days
$39.95/30 days (4K), recurring $39.95/30 days
Mobile Price    $24.95/30 days (Standard), recurring $24.95/30 days
Payment Method    Credit Card
Billing Company    1. CC Bill   

    ASR Official Fact Review of In The Crack
  Website General Info
Dare to say that 'In The Crack' is the best site of the video quality among the all internet adult sites and no one cannot argue about it if he/she has ever seen a 4K 3840x2160 UHD video from this site. A pussy close-up scene of the contents emits the realism in front of the eyes from a just 1-inch distance and it takes to the fantastic world. ITC (In The Crack) says, "Our primary focus is on making top quality solo girl masturbation videos", and it is no wonder they have the top quality porn videos and even photos too. There is no site like ITC if the quality matters to you. All the models are so beautiful and the backgrounds are really luxury mansions or beautiful scenic places all over the world for shooting. This website has been adding 3D videos since DEC 2017, 4K videos since AUG 2014, and 4500x3000 resolution high-quality images from APR 2016.
  • Website Domain:
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 27,338 global (27,113 in US) as of today [Related Link]
  • Web server location: United States, Michigan, Lansing
  • Web server routing time: very fast, 35 ms* (tested from Santa Ana, CA on a 200Mbps broadband ISP line by tracert on Windows 10 OS )
  Web Design ++++++++++
  • Website Graphics: Simple graphic design and good user interface
  • Website Structure: Very simple menu structure
  • Website Scripts: HTML based simple coding web pages without complicated scripts running on the background and page loading is fast
  Mobile Compatibility & SNS ++++++----
  • Mobile Website: Unavailable
  • Compatible Mobile Devices: iphone, ipad, ipod, android phone, android tablets, Windows phone
  • SNS Page: Not available
  Service Info +++++++++-
  • Main Menu: Home | Collections | Upgrade | Search | Links | Contact Us
    Collections is the main service that has all the contents of the videos and photos. Each scene has 3-5 videos and a set of photos. On the top of the page there are four tabs, which are Video, Pictures, Comments, and Biography. It has a streaming screen and a download button as well. Upgrade let a member upgrade the membership for a premium service.
  • Second Menu: Collection > Release Date | Model Name | Favorites | Model Age | Nationality | Shoot Location
  • Options: Search > Keyword & Categories
  • Update Content: every 2-3 days updating with a scene of videos and photos
  • Last Update Made: currently up-to-date
  • Customer Support Available: email, 3rd party agent information
  Scene and Model Info of Movies & Photos ++++++++++
  • Nasty Level: explicit action of solo girl and softcore
  • Percentage of Scenes: Hardcore 100%
  • Total Number of Scenes: 3,922 scenes
  • Shooting Places of Scenes: indoor, outdoor, scenic place, luxury mansion, hotel
  • Scene Background & Shooting Sets: luxury funiture and sets to match with the theme of the scene
  • Actions in Scenes: solo, lesbian play, masturbation, vaginal insertion, pissing, squirting, gaping, tease
  • Model Makeup, Costume & Props: fashion designer's dress and well-designed clothing, very sexy lingeries, professional beautiful makeup and designed props
  • Total Number of Models: 392
  • Profile Information of Models: available
  • Profession of Models: pornstar, professional actor/actress
  • Race of Models: Asian, Caucasian, European
  • Body Types of Models: beauty pageant body types
  • Breasts Size of Models: all sizes of breasts
  • Ages of Models: 18-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-39 * (guessed from their appearance)
  Movie Content Info ++++++++++
  • Total Number of Movies: 5,865
  • Movie Update Since: 3/4/2001
  • Average Length of Movies: 10 min
  • Average File Size of Max Resolution Movies: 1,800 MBytes
  • HD Format Availability: 2160p, 1080p, 720p (90% in HD out of the total movies)
  • Resolutions of Movies: 3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 640x360 (640x480)
  • Movie File Formats: WMV, MP4
  • Picture Quality of Movies: excellently clear
  • Cinematography: world class director's directing with professional filming technics
  • Movie Scenario: sexual action without a story
  • Spoken Language in Movies: No Dialogue
  Streaming Service Info ++++++++++
  • Media Streaming Method: HTTP Progressive Streaming
  • Quality of Streaming Movies: very good
  • Screen Size of Streaming: 900x506
  • Quality Options of Streaming: 3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 (640x480)
  • Full Screen Option Available: Yes
  • Buffering: normal
  • Jumping To Scenes With Slidebar: Yes
  Image Content Info ++++++++++
  • Total Number of Image Galleries: 1,380
  • Average Image Number In A Gallery: 160
  • Total Number of Images: 220,800
  • Image Update Since: 3/4/2001
  • Resolutions of Images: 4500x3000, 2400x1800 and 1100x825 (1024x768)
  • Image File Format: JPG
  • Image Watermark: Small text on the corner
  • Image Thumbnail Availability: Yes
  • Image Slideshow Availability: No
  • Picture Quality of Images: excellently clear
  • Photography of Photos: very professional photography
  Content Download Service ++++++++--
  • Movie Download Availability: Yes
  • Image Download Availability: Yes
  • Downloadable Movie Resolutions: 3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 (640x480)
  • Full Movie Download: Yes
  • Movie Clip Download: each video scene divided in action clips of 10 min length
  • Image Zipped File Download: Yes
  • Downloadable Image Resolutions: 4500x3000, 2400x1800 and 1100x825 (1024x768)
  • Download Speed: 13.20 MB/s - Very fast: taking 1 min 16 sec to download a file of 1 GB* (evaluated as downloading on 100Mbps broadband line using Google Chrome. Google Chrome is copyrighted by Google.)
  • Download Quota: limited by membership
  • Download Manager Compatibility: some function limited * (tested with Free Download Manager which is copyrighted by
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connectons: 20
  • PROS: The 4K UHD quality of the videos is the best at nowhere it cannot be found and the picture quality of the photos is in the top class.
  • CONS: Membership limitation for the content quality and download quota
  - Reviewed on 12/3/2018 ASR Fact Review Ver. 3.01

They have 6 types of membership now, BASIC / STREAM / STANDARD / PLUS / 4K / ULTIMATE. Please, take a look at the chart below and select type of membership wisely for your needs.
DESIGN    10 /10
QUALITY    49 /50
QUANTITY    23 /30
SERVICE    5 /5
PRICE    4 /5
ASR score Total    91.0

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  ASR Official Scores
DESIGN    10 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
QUALITY    49 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
QUANTITY    23 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
SERVICE    5 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
PRICE    4 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
ASR score Total    91.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

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    Site's Self Introduction

About inthecrack

At inthecrack our primary focus is on making top quality solo girl masturbation videos. We do not sell videos of a simple picture shoot with the video camera 10 feet away. Our videos are designed for the voyeur who likes to explore the girl's pretty bits up close with nothing left to the imagination. You get just the right mix of full body shots, mind blowing close-ups, and imaginative camera angles that enhance the girl's nakedness and reveal her best side. The content of our videos ranges from simple tease, up the skirt shots, and wet panty tease, to the wide-open views of special interest to the "amateur gynecologist". You will see girls spreading their pussy & ass in your face for your inspection, using all kinds of novelty objects for sex toys, smearing themselves with edible delights, and oozing and squirting their juices as they cum. inthecrack videos are for the pussy & ass connoisseur who likes to soak in the lovely shapes and contours of the female ass and thoroughly explore the pretty features in the vagina, pussy lips, and anus. Most of our videos will show you things such as girls using speculums, peeing, anal insertion, leaking pussy juice, squirting orgasms, and super deep vagina views. Our hallmark, however, is to put your face in optimum viewing position to bring you all the pussy & ass you can handle. As you can see in the images above the detail is good enough that you can virtually count the creases in the girls pussy lips and read her "pussyprints". Our special camera techniques and lenses bring you the unique perspective of having your face right up under the girl's ass surrounded by bum cheeks and thighs. You get the front row seat up the girl's ass as our girls spread themselves open and put on a very private and intimate pussy and ass show just for you.

Defining properties of the inthecrack genre

We find that the internet today is full of very generic adult websites with very much run-of-the-mill type of content as well as a number of quality websites that, while having really nice content, still seem to lack any real inspiration. There are plenty of very professional photographers with nice websites and yet they are constrained by the conformities ingrained by the professional establishment and seem to have nothing new to say. We wanted inthecrack to have a new perspective and a unique identity all of it's own. We don't want to just mindlessly spit out shoot after shoot of naked girls just for the sake of shooting naked girls. The girls are not just a piece of ass meat with a girl attached. Rather they are the beautiful subjects of our admiration that also have some really lovely intimate parts that we cannot help but admire. If there is one obvious characteristic that is the true essence of the female form it would be the beautiful curves and shapeliness of the feminine body parts. We do have an eye for feminine curves and we aim to worship and enhance these lovely curves with new perspectives and camera angles not typically found elsewhere. We focus heavily on the bum and crotch area not just because there's a pussy there but because the whole area is completely saturated with beautiful feminine curves. Considering we are particularly fond of intimate female parts and beautiful curves you will find that the girls bum cheeks, bum crack, and anus are featured much more prominently on inthecrack than most other adult sites.

While our primary focus is on extremely graphic close up pussy and ass views this is not all that we do. We do like to admire the flower first before we pull all the petals apart. While those more jaded might not join an adult site to see woman's underwear we believe that with the right perspective a nice teasing panty view can really enhance the bum curves and bulging pussy lips. From our perspective a good bit of tease serves to build the excitement in anticipation of the ultimate goal, to thoroughly explore all through the girl's most private parts. If you can last through the tease you are rewarded with the most graphic views possible as we stick your face right up the girls pussy and ass to soak in her beautiful girlie bits.

On the video side you will see all the girlie bits in action. We don't just love the curvy parts of the female body - we love how the curvy parts of the female body move. We draw attention to the subtle details often overlooked by other videographers such as the rolling of the ass as the girl crawls, the wiggle in her bum cheeks when she walks, the bulging and flapping of pussy lips around manipulating fingers, and the winking of flexing anuses.

While we do show the most graphic private parts views possible, including deep vaginal views and spread pussy pee-hole-in-action views, noticeably absent from inthecrack are all the less desirable vices that typically come with hardcore porn videos. There is no obsessive cursing, and girls are not being spit on, slapped, called a bitch, or taken advantage of. You might see deep pussy speculum views but don't expect to see too many girl's ass holes pried open by a speculum. If you've ever had a speculum up your ass you'll know why. Unlike some adult producers we do respect the models comfort and ensure that they have a good time during the shoot.

Inthecrack is deliberately a very clean, no nonsense, anti-hype kind of site. If one of our videos has something not so perfect about it WE SAY SO! We'd prefer than our customers know exactly what they are buying than have them complain later.

Inthecrack and ass: Inthecrack is commonly perceived to be a pussy site, which it is, but in fact our first love is beautiful shapely female asses. The name inthecrack actually refers to the ass crack, so first and foremost we are an ass lovers site. We just don't typically get into the big anal insertion extreme raunchy open ass hole stuff usually associated with ass sites. We generally think the female anus looks a lot prettier in it's natural position where you can see the radiating creases without having raunchy rectal innards forced in your face. Inthecrack ass worship videos are about admiring the beautiful curves and shapes of the female ass and exploring the intimate regions of the girl's ass crack. Anal insertion content is usually relatively modest with more out than in so you can actually see the anus. With the exception of inside vagina view clips you can be certain that the ass is featured prominently in almost all inthecrack videos. We're so enamored with ass that it is often still the primary focus of attention even in some pussy masturbation videos as we feel a little hilly scenery can only enhance the view while watching the action. If you are an ass lover you will certainly find lots to enjoy in
    User Review and Comment
User score Total 95.0 User Review
 Lode Miller
No where to find a video like this website 
 Kathy Young
Best HD movies in the whole adult site, but needs more hardcore fucking scenes 

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