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83.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP


An online store of realistic sex doll for premium TPE & silicone dolls
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
83.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Classification    Adult Merchant
Content Rate    Unrated
Primary Category    Sextoy shopSite Category
2nd Categories    Pussies, Art, Masturbation, Toys, Retail store, Production, Cosplay
3rd Categories    18, Teenager, Schoolgirl, Boy, Asian, Erotic, Anime, Cartoons, Game, Modeling, Reviews, Guide
Mobile Website    Available (automatically redirected)Mobile Site
Keywords    sex doll, online shop, sex toy, realistic doll
Language    English
Content Media    Shop
Exclusive    No
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    1/1/2018

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DESIGN    9 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
QUALITY    46 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
QUANTITY    19 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
SERVICE    5 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
PRICE    4 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
ASR score Total    83.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

    Site's Self Introduction


About our online store

Welcome to The Most Realistic Sex Doll Shop.
Founded in 2018, HXDOLL is a leading sex doll brand that defines "realistic sex dolls in the future". HXDOLL has been loved by over, 500000 sex doll lovers. We are committed to realistic and best sexual experience.

Do you know what's the most realistic sex doll? You will absolutely think they are real humans when you first see them. If you are looking for sex dolls that look real, HXDOLL will bring you a brand-new experience in shopping realistic sex dolls.

We believe that there are infinite possibilities between humans and sex dolls, a sex doll can be a human lover, a faithful companion, or a photographic model. There are unlimited possibilities in the future world, why not be bold to find your soul mate?

We give each sex doll a unique name, and we treat them like real people. All our love dolls will help overcome your loneliness, helplessness and self-abasement. So we also hope that all customers who buy our dolls should treat them well, remember to share with us the story of you and the sex doll in time, this is what we have always hoped to see!

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll (love doll, real doll) is a sex toy that mimics the human body, with particular attention to the vaginal, anal and oral orifices (or the male member if the doll is male). The products are made in human height, the height, as a rule, starts from 140 cm, although there are models of mini sizes, the so-called {mini sex dolls}, the height of which is about 65 cm to 128 cm.

With the help of realistic sex dolls, you can not only have fun but also delve deeper into your feelings, understand what positions you like and what you don't like. Sex dolls are non-standard entertainment, and can also serve as a funny gift for a friend for his birthday or New Year. Male sex dolls have a penis or strap-on that can be removed. Such products are intended for women.

The most common {sex dolls are for men}. Usually, these dolls have three holes - a vagina, anus, a mouth (which can be with a tongue), although there can be only a vagina. Sex dolls are usually inflatable, but there are more complex designs, which are so-called realistic sex dolls. Such products are ultra realistic, feel like real skin, sometimes have a skeleton, can change the pose or be fixed in one. The weight of such dolls is much larger than ordinary inflatable ones, but they can be more vulnerable. Such dolls are much more realistic and more expensive.

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