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    Site Information
Erotica Readers and Writers Association
80.0     ASR score  
65.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP

Erotica Readers and Writers Association

A highbrow site for those folks out there to commune about the slut industry.
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
80.0     ASR score  
65.0     User score  
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    Erotic Books, Info
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/21/2008

    ASR Official Fact Review of Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Well in the world of porn there are several different perspectives on how things proceed. For the most part the war for puss-blastery has been won by those who've gotten bolder and dirtier as time went on. Film lost to video. Stories have been slaughtered by Gonzo. Pussies have been blasted by raging cocks. This is just the way that the world flows.

Until NOW!

Erotica Readers and Writers Association have created a page that is truly "Erotic" if not pornographic. Sure there are stories, and you can't deny that if there is eroticism there will be some good ass smacking action. This site elevates adult writing to a level that you won't feel the need to run to a shower after reading it. The stories are pretty classy and the site is definitely a hangout spot for those that are professional and budding professionals in the adult writing industry.

The first thing you'll notice when you hit the site is who is behind the site. The main sponsors are and Adam& Yes, THAT That's a pretty fucking big deal. This is a hint behind the professionalism and angle that this site takes. Its not just a spot to spray spunk after reading. It really is a community and a recommendation place. Many of the columns are there t help beginning writers find their way. There are also plenty of reviews of movies and books (to get you to buy those items from Amazon or Adam & Eve.) Pretty fucking brilliant.

This site has got to be a boon to those in the adult writing industry that are looking for guidance. The site also has a submissions policy that is a bit tighter than most other places that post erotic writing. Instead of the site becoming a gigantic feeding ground of stories, where only a small percentage of the things on the site are actually of some quality, everything goes through an admissions process, so that the best of the best is only on display. There is definitely a consistent quality overall of the stories that you'll read, all of the articles you'll take in.

Overall, Erotica Readers and Writers Association is THE Grey Poupon of the adult writing industry. ERWA is high class, high quality, and highly recommended for you to get your ass to.
DESIGN    8 /10
QUALITY    43 /50
QUANTITY    22 /30
SERVICE    4 /5
PRICE    3 /5
ASR score Total    80.0

  ASR Official Scores
DESIGN    8 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
QUALITY    43 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
QUANTITY    22 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
SERVICE    4 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
PRICE    3 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
ASR score Total    80.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

    Site's Self Introduction
The Erotica Readers & Writers Association, online since 1996, is an international community of men and women interested in the provocative world of erotica and sensual pleasures. We host an active E-mail Discussion List, the Erotic Lure newsletter, an eclectic Blog, and this website featuring original erotic fiction, articles and commentaries, calls for submissions and professional advice for authors, sex toy and movie recommendations, and an adult forum focusing on sexual issues, activities and relationships. If this is your first visit, please join us for a Tour of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website.
    User Review and Comment
User score Total 65.0 User Review
 Kathy Young
Good resource 
there's no way this site ranks better than rabbits or thebestporn 

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