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    Site Information
Revenge is a Bitch
56.0     ASR score  
60.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
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Revenge is a Bitch Visit
A quick Sexual Reversal as men take it in the ass from hot chicks wielding plastic cocks.
Network   Kick Ass NetworkNetwork Flagship Site
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website    Unavailable
Keywords    Strap-Ons, female dominated, cuckold, femdom
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 35 movies, 1920x1080 max
photo 3,120 images, 1500x1500 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    weekly
Service Since    9/23/2007
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$24.95/30 days, recurring $24.95/30 days
$34.95/30 days one-time charge
$39.90/2 months, recurring $39.90/2 months
$54.90/3 months, recurring $54.90/3 months
Payment Method    Credit Card, Check
Billing Company    1. CC Bill   2. Epoch   

    ASR Official Fact Review of Revenge is a Bitch

"Revenge is a Bitch is one of the sites in Kick Ass Pass Network that has the best bi-sexual extreme hardcore porn and large quantity of foot fetish porn in HD."
- Adult Site Ranking Webmaster's comment & point
Website General Info**********
An unique reality theme porn of females dominating a man, playing baby and fucking anal with a strap-on dildo. Revenge is a Bitch is one of the sites in Kick Ass Pass Network that has total 23 variety porn sites. The main sites that characterize the whole network are Cum Eating Cuckolds and Foot Fetish Daily. However, Kick Ass Pass has many kind of porn themes like gang bang, Latin girls, creampie, teen girls, vaginal cumshout, squiting, MILF, extreme porn, etc. Kick Ass Pass has an enormous sum of contents accumulated during the last 9 year operation, so as of today it has approximately 3,700 movies and 220,000 photos. On the bottom of this review all of the Kick Ass Pass network sites are listed as easily as you can take a glance of them. Because all 23 sites are in one network joining this site or any of Kick Ass Pass Network sites allows a member to access all of the sites with one membership username and password. This site is reliable to process a credit card payment.
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 7,439,492 global (no data in US) as of today (related link)
  • Web server location: Ramsey, New Jersey, United States
  • Web server routing time: fast, 78ms (tested from Tustin, CA on a DSL broadband ISP line by tracert in Windows 7 OS)
Nasty fact**********
Extreme Hardcore


Web Design - graphics**********
Graphical hardcore design with XXX rated images and thumbnails

Web Design - structure and scripts**********
The web page scripts are working smoothly but there were some broken links in Porno 4 Portables and Naughty Bloopers. Every 23 network sites have own domain and run on it's own website separately. So those sites usually update own content in its own website. However,,, and has cross updated contents from other sites. The main menu are the same in most of sites except Cum Eating Cuckolds and Foot Fetish Daily (these two have POLL, FORUM, and FICTION menu additionally). The menu contains MOVIES | PHOTOS | PORN STARS (or GIRLS) | LIVE CAM | SEARCH | STORE. The major pages are MOVIES and PHOTOS that have all the contents of videos and photos. The movie gallery has thumbnail listing in order by updating dates and the photo gallery has the same page layout. Free Live Cam is scheduled daily. Store has DVDs for sale.

Contents - Movies**********
Revenge is a Bitch has 35 movies out of 3,649 that is the total number of movies in the network as of today being updated since Apr. 2004. The total number is the sum of each network site's movies. In the list on the bottom of this review the number and percentage of movies in each sites are shown in the table. Most of them among 23 network sites has 1% or 2% out of total number of movies. However, Cum Eating Cuckolds has 6%, Chica Boom has 6%, Barefoot Confidential has 8%, and Foot Fetish Daily has 57% out of total network movie contents. (excluded Kick Ass Pass and Porno4Portables because they have cross updated contents.) And for the quality of movies most of the movies have DVD quality (640x360) and all other sites except Foot Fetish Daily and Cum Eating Cuckolds have 640x360 DVD quality movies. Only Cum Eating Cuckolds has 720p HD and Foot Fetish Daily has 720p HD and 1080p HD. 90% of movies in Cum Eating Cuckolds is 720 HD and 31% of movies in Foot Fetish Daily is 720 or 1080 HD.

Contents - Images**********
Revenge is a Bitch has 3120 images out of 220,000 that is the total number of photos in the network as of today being updated since Apr. 2004. The total number is the sum of each network site's images. In the list on the bottom of this review the number of images in each sites are shown in the table. The sites that have a majority number of images are Foot Fetish Daily, Camp Cuties, Cum Eating Cuckolds, and Ultra Cuckolds. In the photo galleries every scene has a thumbnail photo gallery containing 50 to 100 photos. A photo can be seen by clicking the thumbnail and a download is available. A zipped file is available for downloading in all sites except Foot Fetish Daily. Picture qaulity is good in 1500x1000.

Contents - streaming & download**********
In most of the sites media stream through a streaming server works good in DVD quality. However, Porno4Portables, Camp Cuties, and Naughty Bloopers doesn't have video stream, and MILF Does a Boner Good and Kick Ass Pussy Pump has only 320x180 size media links instead of streaming. All of the movies are downloadable in DVD quality or HD if available. The download speed seems good.

1 on 1, 3some, lesbian, group sex, nude, oral, foot fetish, cuckold, squirt, creampie, facial, handjob, footjob, heterosexual, bi-sexual

Models & Races**********
Most of them are professional porn actors and actresses speaking English who include whites, blacks, and Asians. Some contents have old man or old woman actors, gays for gay scenes, and teen girls for teenager site.

Price - trial or special offer**********
SPECIAL OFFER: $29.95 monthly with recurring

Content & web details**********
  • Video format: WMV, MP4
  • Video size: 1920x1080 (avg. 2.0GB), 1280x720(avg. 1GB), 640x360(avg. 300MB), 320x180(avg. 80MB)
  • Streaming: Media stream, 640x360
  • Avg. length: 25 min
  • HD Video: 1080p, 720p HDV
  • DRM: none
  • Image format: JPG
  • Image size: 1500x1500, 1500x1000
  • Watermark: Yes, small size text on the corner
  • Image download: available on each photo or zipped set
  • Download speed: fast, 268 KB/s avg. (max 237 KB/s) taking 6 min 13 sec by Google Chrome to download an 100 MB size file tested at 3 Mbps downloadable DSL broadband internet access line
  • Download quota: unlimited


Revenge is Certainly a bitch as this video series as agitated women exact their revenge on men by first humiliating them then LITERALLY fucking them in the ass! Kick ass Pictures delivers yet another video series that you won't find at your local video store. With the Olympic being held right now, Kick Ass pictures is certainly scoring points for originality.

This video series aims to do more than just fuck a guy in the ass. The movies and photos completely explore a domination role-play scenario. Each scenario starts out with a guy that does something to piss the woman off. Then she uses her leverage over him to force to be humiliated. Then the woman straps on a cock and engages into some ass pounding action. YEAH!

Besides the dudes taking it in the bum, the video series also succeeds in the babe quality field. All of the cock-wielding whores in this series are tight-bodied vixens that if they were into that sort of thing would be ready to take some dick. Many of them are tatted and have several piercing. This is definitely a arousal inspiring bunch. If a chick that hot wanted to fuck you in the ass, who would say no!

The site has a very simple navigation system. It's broken up into Video, Photos, Girls, and Search.

The videos section list all of the videos in photo blog style. There are 4 scenarios per page with thumbnails showing you what kind of action that takes place. You can watch the movie in low res 320x240 streaming WMV, or Download it at high res 640x480 WMV or download the mp4 for your ipod at 320x240. For Revengeisabitch there are 3 pages worth of ass-pounding action videos for you to comb through.

The photos section is set up very similarly to the video section. There are thumbnails to let you know what to expect. There are two options for you to enjoy them. Either you can click through the photo gallery for each particular babe and look at the 400x600 photos (enlargable to 1000x15000) or you can download the entire packet of high res images in a zip file. Revengeisabitch has about 4 pages of babes that have been photographed.

The Girls section has thumbnail head-shots of all the babes. There are 14 girls features on this site. Once you click the headshot you have a page that lists all of the babes photo and video work on the site. There is also an "All of Her" option where you can all of the videos and photos that the little slut has done for all of the Kick Ass Picture sites.

The Search option is something that We feel should be standard on all porn sites. The way that Kick Ass pictures does it for it's site is so, well, Kick ASS! You're able to do keyword searches, and Searches by actress names. But what's so Unique is there is an advanced search option with drop down menus that have every single type of scene available to you.

There can be no discussion about without a discussion of Kick Ass Pictures family of sites. Your membership into gets you access to ALL of the Kick ass picture sites.

There are thousands of videos and thousands of girls and they all hold to the Kick Ass Pictures Standard. No Fake boobs, No Condoms, and it's updated Daily. With that kind of support behind you, there is no way you can't find some decent stroke material.

Overall this is a good site with an extremely unique premise. When will you ever get a chance to see a straight guy in a dress and a wig, taking pole up the poop chute. Definitely having a pass into the entire kick ass family of sites is something you'll celebrate every day you look to masturbate.

DESIGN    8 /10
QUALITY    30 /50
QUANTITY    10 /30
SERVICE    4 /5
PRICE    4 /5
ASR score Total    56.0

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