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Doc Johnson
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Doc Johnson

American adult sex toy manufacturer starting business since 1976 supplies the top class American-made innovative pleasure products
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Keywords    innovative, optiMale, wonder pussy, adult toys, sex toys, novelties, Doc Johnson
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Service Since    1/1/1995

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At Doc Johnson, we understand the importance of our work: we bring pleasure to the world. Our renowned products help people connect with their bodies, and often with their partners, and create a greater sense of wellbeing. Everything we do is focused on the meaningful purpose of the product - to bring sexual satisfaction to the user and we do that work right here in America, employing over 500 people in our mission to bring only the best products to market.

The health benefits of pleasure have been lauded for centuries; the power of touch and stimulation can be transformative both physically and mentally. Our pleasure products are designed to work well with the body and offer the most amazing sensations for all tastes and desires. We have entire departments dedicated to developing new products and creating shapes and sizes that are anatomically compatible and fun to use. We work with our in-house laboratory and chemist to forulate and hand-pick materials that are specific to the purpose of each item. In our onsite molding, detailing and finishing department, the attention to detail results in a better and healthier experience for every customer.

We honor the intimate level of trust each and every customer gives us when the purchase our pleasure products. Our sales and marketing teams keep vendors and consumers engaged and informed by being on the front lines of communication acorss the globe and online. In our nearly four decades of creating best-sellers, we've always taken our responsibility very seriously by only offering items that deserve this trust and standing behind the value of our products.

Since 1976, we've manufactured millions of innovative pleasure products and set the industry standard worldwide. While other companies have continued to take their production overseas, we've dug our roots deeper and committed to remaining in California as a leader of our industry. The Doc Johnson legacy is the loyalty and name recognition we've built over nearly forty years of American manufacturing. We continue to grow our company and meet the demands of an ever-growing global market of savvy customers. The future of pleasure products is American-made, by Doc Johnson.
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