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    Site Information
62.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
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Girls play forfeits and the loser strips off her clothes until totally naked. This is the theme of the site.
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Softcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    Strip games
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 94 movies, 0 max
photo 30,079 images, 0 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    10 days
Service Since    11/17/2002
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$14.95/28 days one-time charge
$24.95/60 days one-time charge
$?10/30 days one-time charge
$?16/60 days one-time charge
Payment Method    Debit Card, Credit Card, Check
Billing Company    1. CC Bill   2. Verotel   

    ASR Official Fact Review of

"This websiite is very unique nowhere to find a website like this. Only place to enjoy an adult game of forfeits with watching girls strip."
- Adult Site Ranking Webmaster's comment & point
Website General Info**********
The movies have the own scenarios but they are based on realities, strip games. Girls play forfeits and the loser strips off her clothes one by one until totally naked. This is the story. There are a lot of games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Darts, Strip Tickle, Minefield, Dice Rolling, Sudden Death, Strip Fight, Spin-the-Bottle, Coin Toss, Strip Archery, Strip Obey, Strip Pontoon, Strip High Card, Strip High Low, Ball Games, Checkers/Draughts, Racquet Games, Ring Toss, etc. On the conclusion of these games one of the girls is totally naked or sometimes both. If you like to watch these strip games, this is it. Strip Games Central!
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 7,978,893 as of today (related link)
  • Web server routing time: slow, 191ms (tested from Tustin, CA on a DSL broadband ISP line by tracert in Windows 7 OS)
Nasty fact**********
Softcore. Female nudity, no sex, no open genital area.


Web Design - graphics**********
Very simple, not professional design, but easy to use

Web Design - structure and scripts**********
It's not like a professional adult hardcore website, but has an user friendly interface to use easily. The web pages have what they are supposed to have. It's not complicated without unnecessary stuff. Very simple structure. Main page menu has links of UPDATES, CHAT FORUM, GIRLS, AUDITIONS, VIDEOS, ZIP FILES, BEST PICS, ARCHIVE.

Contents - Movies**********
There are 174 video files in the video gallery as of today. The video gallery has around 30 game sences and a scene is divided into the small size file clips that have average 2 min length. The videos which are added since Mar, 2011 have 1080 and 720 HD formats and the HD clips occupy around 15% of the whole video contents. The videos before Mar, 2010 have the low resolution of 352x288 and they occupy 45% of the videos. And the rest 40% are 720x405 size videos.

Contents - Images**********
There are 289 game scenes of photo shots. One scene has average 70 photos in a set. A photo gallery has thumbnails of the set but the zipped file downloading is only available with 24 scenes.

Contents - streaming & download**********
Video streaming is not available. There is only one streaming video on the main page. Only 24 zipped files out of 289 photo sets are available for downloading.

clothed and stripped females, no open crotch.

Models & Races**********
Female models only but some scenes have males on the background. All caucasians. There 28 female models participating in the games.

Price - trial or special offer**********
$19.95 for the first month and after then $8.95 monthly recurring SPECIAL OFFER: none

Content & web details
  • Video format: MP4
  • Video size: 1920x1080 (avg. 170 MB), 1280x720(avg. 120 MB), 720x405(avg. 80 MB), 352x288(avg. 40MB)
  • Streaming: N/A
  • Avg. length: 2 min
  • HD Video: 1080p, 720p HDV
  • DRM: none
  • Image format: JPG
  • Image size: 1600x1200 (10%), 1024x768 (90%)
  • Watermark: none
  • Image download: available on 24 zipped sets among 289
  • Using download manager: FDM working good
  • Download speed: good, taking 5 min 40 sec by Mozilla Firefox, and 5 min 33 sec by FDM to download an 100 MB size file.
  • Download speed test*: 294 KB/s avg. (max 302 KB/s) by Firefox 7.0, 300 KB/s avg. (Max 306 MB/s) by FDM.
  • Download quota: unlimited
  • Simultaneous download connection: 19+
* tested at 3Mbps downloadable DSL broadband internet access line
** "Simultaneous download connection" shows the number of simultaneous connections that means a member can download this number of files at the same time.
FDM is abbreviation of Free Download Manager and has its copyright.
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  • Reviewed on 11/17/2011
DESIGN    5 /10
QUALITY    37 /50
QUANTITY    12 /30
SERVICE    3 /5
PRICE    5 /5
ASR score Total    62.0 Site's Self Introduction
Opened back in 2002, this is the definitive site for anyone who loves watching attractive girls playing and losing strip games, seeing the naked losers and the embarrassing forfeits.

Don't miss out on enjoying all the fantastic benefits which are yours when you join StripGameCentral's exclusive club. See the 400+ exclusive games (including many on video), take part in the members??forum (tell us what you (don't) like, suggest and discuss games and forfeits etc.), see player auditions and many bonus videos, and more!

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