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White Lotus East
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White Lotus East Visit
A site dedicated to giving you the knowledge and techniques of sexual freedom!
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    tantra, orgasm
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    2/20/2010

    ASR Official Fact Review of White Lotus East

There is a wonderful scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where Sally demonstrates to Harry her ability to fake an orgasm. Harry watches as Sally, in the middle of a crowded deli, hollers and screams and gets fucking hot all over the place in the middle of the den of corn beef sandwiches. Not only is Harry sporting a rock hard chubbie (so was every guy watching the movie) but, so many men quickly learned that they may have been duped in bed by their ladies.

One of the great functions of White Lotus East is to teach you how to help your lady cum so that she doesn't have to fake it for you. White Lotus East, is an informational site and, boy, is it chock full of information. You'll want to have some time on your hands before you take this on because you will rock your brain going through here.

Let's be clear, this site is NOT a porn site. If you're looking for a great place to stroke your sausage, then you've wandered into the wrong site. This is for those of you that are ready to make the advance step and perfect the way that you have sex. It's more of a manual for you to get off or how to get your partner off, not material to get yourself off to.

This being said, those of you that are information junkies, this will be the site that is for you. There area all kinds of interesting tidbits for improving your sex life. Do you know the different signs of a woman having a genuine orgasm?
  • A mild orgasm may have 3 -5 contractions, an intense orgasm 10 -15. The "sex flush" (redness) becomes even more pronounced and may cover a greater percentage of the body.

  • Muscles throughout the body may contract during orgasm, not just those in the pelvic area. Some women will emit or spray some fluid from their urethra during orgasm. This is often called female ejaculation. A woman's facial expression may indicate that she is in pain when she is having a pleasurable orgasm. At the peak of orgasm the entire body may become momentarily rigid.
Don't get it twisted. Female orgasms are the only thing this site covers. There's info on women getting it on with women, bathing rituals, and directions how to achieve multiple orgasms.

White Lotus East is a fantastic and informative site on helping you use the eastern philosophies to improve your very western sex life.
DESIGN    5 /10
QUALITY    30 /50
QUANTITY    15 /30
SERVICE    3 /5
PRICE    3 /5
ASR score Total    56.0

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