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True Dirty Stories
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True Dirty Stories Visit
A great site that lets users tell very true, very concise sex stories
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    Stories, Archives
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/21/2008

    ASR Official Fact Review of True Dirty Stories

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Tell you the truth, that adage is mostly true. There is no way that even someone with the word smith powers of even William Shakespeare could do justice to perfectly pink, parted, pussy lips. Something about the musky smell and the tangy sweet flavor that can't be replicated with words. HAVING SAID THAT, the stories on come as close as possible to making those visions come to life. has a simple credo on the submissions page: "Submit your true dirty story. Be brief, to-the-point, and don't embellish. But don't be afraid to give us the juicy details" This probably is one of the strongest points that set them apart from all of the other sites that also feature sexy stories. The Stories on TDS (True Dirty Stories) are for the most part pretty concise, and get to the point fairly quickly. Here's one of the top 5 stories on the site:

She took my hand and led me across the dance floor towards the bathroom. 'In the little boy's room,' she smiled and entered the furthest stall, dragging me in with her. The walls were cold, hatched metal that left icy imprints on my back from being pressed up against them so long. She never put her mouth on mine, since I'd said I was coming down with a cold. Skipping the kisses, she put her long fingers on the top button of my shirt and started murmuring about obedience and the importance of not crying out. She pulled my shirt open to my shoulders and started sweeping her tongue across my bared breasts. One hand brushing my thigh. The other holding my wrists above my head. Her teeth closed quickly around my nipple and then released, soaking me in endorphins so hot I felt my thighs melt. I forgot whatever qualms I had about being in a public place and barely noticed the voices of two men fixing themselves in the mirrors not 10 feet away. She whispered 'You love this don't you? Dirty girl.' 'Yes' is all I said. Her hand swelled inside me and she repeated in my ear 'Dirty dirty dirty girl' until I came.

In less than 210 words this story goes from Meet and Greet to Cum and Climax. This isn't a Marilyn Chambers novel, this is the who, what, when, where, and how fucking HOT!!! If erotic stories are your thing then you'll need to grab a bottle of lotion, log onto and beat your dick until your hearts content.
DESIGN    4 /10
QUALITY    36 /50
QUANTITY    15 /30
SERVICE    3 /5
PRICE    3 /5
ASR score Total    61.0

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