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Fisting Free
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Fisting Free Visit
A site chock full of information about the previously forbidden but fantastically fun act of fisting.
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    Fisting, Guide
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/13/2008

    ASR Official Fact Review of Fisting Free

There is a ton of ways to say "I Love You." You can send a post card with the words handwritten. You can buy a box of chocolates and place a picture of your lover in the bottom. You can send a quick text message during the course of a busy day. You can even just take a long look into your partner's eyes smile and whisper the words into their ear "I Love You." The most fun way of doing it though, would be to insert your entire hand into a cavity of your lover and move it around until they cum.

That final way of saying I love you is the entire focus of the site is dedicated to giving you information about, well, fisting. There isn't anything in the site other than information on fisting. If you're looking for anything else then you will probably sit at your keyboard crying with disappointment. BUT, if you are looking for fisting information you won't find a better guide anywhere else on the planet. This guide is quite comprehensive. You won't have to go anywhere else to learn more about fisting once you go into this site.

The site has a fairly simple design. The color scheme is black, gray, and red which goes with the elicit dirty and dangerous feel of the act that this site focuses on. The top menu o fthe site features, Tips, Techniques, Hygiene, 1rst time, and Links. Inside each of those menus are clusters of information for you to devour. Also the site has plenty of advertisement all over the place. Most of them feature fisting or other extreme type sites.

Lets be clear about something. This is a site that is purely informational. There aren't any pictures on the site for illustration or for a any other purposes. The entire value of the site is completely textual. The only photos on the site are the advertisement that are on banner ads through out the site. That isn't to take away from the value of the site, but to let you know what to expect when you get there.

If you're a fisting aficionado you'll probably enjoy the section of the site that concentrates on fisting techniques. The Fisting Techniques section has several different techniques that you can attempt with your partner. You might also find the section that is on hygiene to be quite interesting. One of the things that is important when performing fisting is hygiene. With that act there is a high chance for tears and for infection so learning how to keep things as clean as possible will allow you to keep yourself safe and happy.

In conclusion this is a cool site to learn about a new phenomenon that is spreading across the sex-o-sphere. You'll be able to get the kind of details that will allow you have all the fisting fun that you can stand.

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    DESIGN    7 /10
    QUALITY    31 /50
    QUANTITY    21 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    67.0

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