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Asian Sex Gazette
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Asian Sex Gazette Visit
Fairly slick and very detailed news and information site geared toward the sex industry in Asia.
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    Sex, News, Asian
Language    English
Content Media    Image, Adult Info
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Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/13/2008

    ASR Official Fact Review of Asian Sex Gazette

Site is working, but a content update has not been made since 2009-03.

Imagine its early in the morning and a young newpaper boy is calling out on the sidewalks. "Extra Extra, Read All About it! Freaky Deaky equals Hara-Kiri!" That would stop you dead in your tracks and make you say. WHAT?!? There is something inside of you that must know what in the beezjesus that means. You throw the kid two bits and then your read the paper. Fortunately in the virtual world there are no kids yelling out to you to buy the paper and they certainly are talking about freaky deaky.

On the other hand you will have access to great sites like that will enlighten you about the current sex scene all across Asia. Want to read about former HIV positive hookers playing Captain Save-a-hoe in Korea, BOOM! It's there. The Asian Sex Gazette is a collection of stories about the interesting sex related stories in the different regions of Asia. The site covers prostitutes, pedophiles, and every sexual position and deviancy in between.

The Maroon and Red color scheme of the site evokes the thought of the vaunted Redlight Districts where mongerers and peddlers meet. It a nice touch to the sexual content of the site. Each of the different region has its own menu tab for you to select. So if you are only concerned with Japanese happenings you can narrow down your findings that way. Also the previews for each article are pretty helpful in making a determination of whether or not to read the article.

This isn't a Porn Site for the fact of having just Porn. This is more of a news and information site. There are pictures on the site, but they are more for highlighting different aspects of a particular story. If you logged onto this site looking for some sway to tag your love organ to, then you will be sorely disappointed. BUT if you really want to know what's going on in the streets of a particular country or province then you are on the site that will give you that information.

There is a great article on the site as of this printing called "Sisters Plus." It was a piece that followed the lives of these two former street walkers who had found themselves to be HIV positive. Being HIV positive can be a very lonely and dark place. What these ladies have managed to do though was to turn their malady into strength. They've formed a support group of women who are in the adult sex industry and tried to help them avoid the same fate. It a story of power, and grace.

Overall this is a good site. It has plenty of content for you to read and its pretty timely. Unfortunately what you are missing is PORN. For many people the main reason for visiting sites like this is to see something they can get themselves off too. This site is more than that it's an in depth look at sex to stimulate the mind and not the organs.

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    ASR score Total    37.0

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