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This is a sexual information site that comes from the minds of brilliant folks who study sexuality.
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Unrated
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Keywords    sexuality, guide
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/13/2008

    ASR Official Fact Review of

Everyone has that one friend that can take anything that you say and turn it into something completely different and disgusting. It's like they have the innate ability to take the beauty of a phrase and drive it into the gutter. You say "Wow you have beautiful eyes." They'll say, "You should gouge them out and skull fuck me." No matter the subject matter, the place, the time, or the appropriateness of it you can count on that friend to turn the conversation to the dumpster.

Now doesn't quite do that. What it does is that it looks at so many different subjects through the lens of some extremely educated people. No matter how dirty the subject they're able to analyze and turn it into something that is a bit more intellectual and in depth than you ever thought it could be. For instance they tackle the subject of a man giving himself a blow job. They call the title of the subject "Oral Sex: Self Fellatio." The article goes into describing what the different part of the terms mean. Then they dive into what are the particular needs of a person (well hung, and quite limber) to perform such an act. Then it goes off into a wild conversation about Ancient Egyptian gods. WILD!

The great thing about the site is that you totally won't feel dirty about being there. It is totally devoid of many pictures of graphics that could potentially be embarrassing. But the clinical nature of the site will leaving you wanting a bit more. It's almost what it must be like having the sex talk if your mother and fathers were doctors. You get all the mechanics of what and why but nothing that deals with the actual mental and emotional aspects of being there. It is in a sense washing the dirty off of Sexy.

To continue with the theme of being very clinical, the site share the same off white and sick green as most hospitals. Everything is professionally done so you won't feel like you're stepping into a rat trap, but the site doesn't feel lived in. It feels like it could be an engineering site talking about the newest and greatest discoveries in biotechnology. The only things that would give it away are the slightly sexy but non revealing pictures denoting each article in the center of the page. And of course having a title like sexuall doesn't hurt.

Something else, the site hasn't been updated since 2007. Now, sex is something that has been going on since humans wandered around in caves so the information is pretty timeless. There hasn't been a major break through evolutionarily in several years so there isn't the fear of suddenly the articles becoming out dated. But in the cyber-age folks like to feel that they are in the new and now. The clinical nature of the site though allows it to get away with not updating.

In conclusion this is a site that will be good for those that like your sex like Joe Friday "Just the Facts, Ma'am." If you're looking for a little spice or something that is a bit more that what has been scientifically organized by some guy who went to school for sex then this may not be the site for you. If you're a parent and you need to brush up on somethings to share with your kids about the mechanics of fucking by all means you need to visit this site.

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    DESIGN    7 /10
    QUALITY    34 /50
    QUANTITY    24 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    73.0

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