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This is a very detailed how to site on the nuts and bolts of human sexuality.
Classification    Adult Information Site
Content Rate    Softcore
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Mobile Website   
Keywords    sexuality, information
Language    English
Content Media    Adult Info
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/13/2008

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Do you remember the first time you did the Nasty? You were probably all hopped up on Adrenaline and a little bit of pot or some booze out of daddy's liquor cabinet. Your hands tremble as you remove a piece of clothing from your partner. You're taking shallow breaths and your mind races with thoughts "I can't believe this is REALLY HAPPENING!!!" After a couple of clumsy tries the Outtie meets the Innie. A couple of pumps later and TIMBER!!!! It's all over before you even knew it began.

The creators of have made a site so that that first experience is the last time you have one that bad. is a site dedicated to giving instructions and manuals on all things sexual. Let's go back to the title of the site "Sexuality" not SEX, not THE BONE DANCE, no THE FUCKTASTIC PARADE. The site really means what it says, it's about sexuality. There are some in depth manuals about the different mechanics of sex but all of it is semi-scientific and meant for you to get better results. After a few minutes on this site you'll wish you had access to this before your High School Prom Night.

Although the information on the site is fucking invaluable, the look of the sight leaves much to be desired. looks like a throwback to the early days of the web when there was pages and pages worth of information on a long scrollable page. The site is all in a basic black and white design so that it is easy to read, BUT there might be a tendency by some to discount the quality of the information because of the over simplicity of the presentation. It's like a perfectly cooked Ruth's Chris Ribeye Steak served on a trashcan lid. The saving grace is that the information on this site is so fucking cool and unique that you might eat that steak off of that lid.

Let's be perfectly clear, this is not a pornography site. If you came here looking for material to spank the money to or to double click the mouse there are much worthier sites for you to do that to. This is a site that is primarily information based. You will read very informative articles that will tell you the ins and outs of different sexual positions, and tactics. For certain articles there will be some illustrations but those drawings and photos will remind you more of 9th grade Sex Ed rather than 12th grade Hustler Magazine.

There are a few things on this site that you should take the time to look at. If you're a single straight guy there are several articles that will help you out when you're indulging with the private time with a lady. Two in particular are the G-Spot stimulation course. Heck, if you're a lady that likes to cum, no matter who you partner is you should read this article to give directions. This one is a very detailed article that goes into a lot of the mechanics and techniques of stimulating a woman's G-Spot to orgasm. You'll pick up several tips such as latex gloves, and cotton balls on your fingernails that you probably haven't seen in other how-tos. Also there is a guide for Erotic Massage. No matter what gender you are male, female, other, everyone loves to be petted. This article goes into the different ways to pet and has some specifics on how to stimulate the different kinds of genitals.

Overall this is a great site with a ton of great resources. You won't be sitting around fumbling with the opposite sex wondering what do they want after you read a few of these guides. To reiterate though, this isn't a porn site. If you're looking for something hot and heavy to get the blood to swell you genitals then you should pick up a Playboy or a Playgirl. Otherwise come here learn and fuck someone's brains out!

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    DESIGN    7 /10
    QUALITY    34 /50
    QUANTITY    21 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    70.0

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