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Jimmyjane Visit
Online adult shop for cool ergonmic stylish designed vibrator products.
Classification    Adult Merchant
Content Rate    Unrated
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    stylish, vibrators
Language    English
Content Media    Shop
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    Unknown
Service Since    3/1/2003

    ASR Official Fact Review of Jimmyjane

Wikipedia defines a sex toy as "A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure." Now thinking about it a toy will conjures up the image of play. Like "playing with yourself." As if blasting a hot snatch with a piece of plastic could be considered as "play." After looking at Jimmyjane, you'll know that calling any of the devices they manufacture a toy would be a sin akin to treason.

If you're one of those people that likes form as well as utility then Jimmyjane is the fucking place for you. Not only are their sexual devices some of the most powerful on record for stimulating a cunt or tickling an asshole, they are some of the most beautiful. Jimmyjane is the iMac of sex toys. Jimmyjane's collection of sexual devices is powerful, innovative, user-friendly, and most importantly BEAUTIFUL!

The days of you being embarrassed by your mother finding dong are OVER. You can charge your award winning "Form 2" on your dresser and by day it would function as a perfect piece of art and by night it would be the ultimate clit blasting, pussy wetter. But finding something to vibrate shouldn't be your only key to a great night.

Jimmyjane has all kinds of things to make the time you're intimate with your partner feel like captured bliss. First off they have a wide range of candles with a variety of scents, sizes, and textures. These are specially made not to severely burn the skin when the wax is applied but they're hot enough to let you know you're having great dangerous fun. Second, they have a number of designer takes on sexual games. Spin the bottle shouldn't be something that you only play in middle school. How about 4 square? Jimmyjane has great adult takes on all of your youthful sexual adventure games. Third they have a wide range of traditional massage tools so that you can make the whole body feel like a million dollars.

Overall, JimmyJane is really and ADULT way to spice up your sex life. To call what they offer toys would be insulting. There should be a new word for them like Sex-Tools! Jimmyjane is too fucking fantastic to pass up, your naughty bits will thank you the moment your package arrives.
DESIGN    9 /10
QUALITY    32 /50
QUANTITY    10 /30
SERVICE    5 /5
PRICE    4 /5
ASR score Total    60.0

    Jimmyjane Site's Self Introduction
Jimmyjane - where naughty is nice, sexy is smart, and the pleasure's in the details. Jimmyjane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. Our diverse collection, ranging from decadent massage candles to luxurious vibrators, creates provocative possibility. Curious?

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