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SlaveStyle Visit
And EXTREMELY low tech BDSM site that has content that is completely generated by it's users
Classification    Free Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    BDSM, Fetish
Language    English, Czech, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie movies, max
photo 500 images, 3 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    everyday
Service Since    8/21/2006

    ASR Official Fact Review of SlaveStyle

Wow. This exists. This really exists. Going through this site either you'll feel like you've entered the twilight zone or you'll feel like you're home. This is a TINY community of folks that love the hard core lifestyle. This isn't the glitz and glamour or flashy world of bdsm. This is more like the Jerry Springer show or better yet the little remembered cable access Morton Downy Jr. version of an S&M site.

Although, this is a small site what you will love about it is the genuine feel of it. Like going to an old family style restaurant where the place is a little dirty and the cook looks a little shady (because she really is somebody's momma!) but the food tastes REAL! Cakes are made with sugar, no corn syrup. All of the food has REAL seasoning instead of canned vegetables. Theres no mistaking the content on this site it's REAL. This isn't some put on. The people on this site are getting together for a financial endeavor, these are real people exploring the different shades of their sexuality.

That's what makes this site so cool. You may be a little disappointed with the lack of content or that the babes are the most ridiculous hot. The cool part is they look like the average chicks you'd see working at your local Denny's or Shell Gas Station. You'd have no reservations about these chicks being out of your league. Same thing with they guys. These are buffed and shaved studs hopped up on steroids and viagra. You get hair, bellies, little dicks and all.

When you initially enter the site you'll be greeted with a WALL of banners and a POP UP. That's where your Spidey Sense will kick in and possibly you'll retreat. Don't fret dear neighbor. Click the link labeled register here and you'll be taken into the holy land of slave style. Once you're in there, you'll have to read their terms and register. Once you do that there is a standard 1 minute registration form. Then log on it.

The way that the site feeds itself is the monthly contest with sex toys as prizes. You submit 3 pictures for judging by the members and the winning pictures win a sex toy! It's that simple. But the work has to be yours and verifiable. Which is what gives that dirt on the walls real feel. All of the pictures have varying sizes and dpi. There was none larger than 600x900 dpi that we tested.

Overall this is a cool concept for a site. It's basically a hobbyist page with some nice genuine hardcore. As the community grows so will the site. Hopfully as the amount of content grows the nice REAL feel doesn't deteriorate.

  • Video Format: N/A
  • Video Size: N/A
  • Ave. Length: N/A
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Image Size: Varies
  • Line Speed: Good
    DESIGN    6 /10
    QUALITY    28 /50
    QUANTITY    16 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    58.0

        SlaveStyle Site's Self Introduction
    This is a site aimed at BDSM & Fetish containing formed mainly user pictures and I hope that in future there will be even videos from users.

    We try to make our site so that it is for users and contributors for free. For the first month (July) I have succeeded in annoyed (grin) and get over 350 images from users and today (14th August) they are already over 550th

    This implies that we are a relatively new site and we would like to establish between TOP BDSM sites and especially mediate to our users nopay experience when viewing our Web site.

    The primary language of our site is English but our content at least 90% translated into 12 languages (czech, danish, dutch, finnish, french, german, hungarian, nowergian, rusian, slovak, spanish, swedish - alphabetical).

    And last but not least, we at the end of July, we started forums for our users, so I hope that we begin to form the smaller community of people on the

    In the future we calculate with smaller shop focused mainly on equipment for domestic use, he would like especially like to supply the interesting price for our contributors. However, today our contributors can win, in return for a few their pictures, relatively valuable prizes.

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