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Nudes Gallery
60.0     ASR score  
80.0     User score  
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This is the Renaissance of porn site. It's dedicated to the art and beauty of the nude female form.
Classification    Free Site
Content Rate    Softcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    Nude, Girls
Language    English
Content Media    Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
photo 1,200 images, 3 max
Exclusive    Yes
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    6/1/2005

    ASR Official Fact Review of Nudes Gallery

Hopefully, when you're thinking about clicking on this site images of The Louvre, The Thinker, and The Sistine Chapel dance in you Medula Oblongata. If not then you're gonna be one disappointed little mongerer. Nudes Gallery.Com focuss on the beauty of the female form. These are pictures that you'll want to grab a frame and hang on your wall instead of rubbing your clit or fondling your balls.

Well if you're a youngster on your first journey into th land of spank-wanksterdom then possibly this site will work for you. There's a little nipple, a little cooter, just enough for a growing boy or a pubescent young lady to "get to know themselves." The best part is if your parents walk in you can always say you were looking at an art project for school. Of course, you'll still have to explain why you have a lotion soaked sweat sock wrapped around your penis.

There is a decent split of Black and White image and colorful. There are also several different photosizes. What they do have in common is they are there for the beauty of being there instead of being there for the jerk-tastic purposes of being there. But who knows, maybe hot art is what get your blood flowing to the nether regions. If that's the case you will be overjoyed with this site.

The site has SEVERAL LINKS to outside sites. It's very easy for you to confuse what their offering with the offerings from other sites. Luckily enough all of the sites that the link to are pretty girl porn sites. No HARD CORE COCK BLASTING ACTION. The two tabs that are most relevant are the Galleries Tab which contains over 3000 jpeg images of various sizes that individual artists have uploaded. The other tab is the Erotic Art tab which is the pay section of the site which contains fetish, latex, and "more erotic" photographs. Fot that one it cost about 20 bucks a month.

Overall this is a descent site with a heavy emphasis on the beauty of the images and not on the eroticism contained within them. This is a porn site that you could show to your mom and be proud and you guys may have an awesome bonding moment. (Please don't masturbate with your mom while looking at photographs on this site)

  • Video Format: N/A
  • Video Size: N/A
  • Ave. Length: N/A
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Image Size: Varies
  • Line Speed: Good
    DESIGN    7 /10
    QUALITY    28 /50
    QUANTITY    17 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    60.0

        User Review or Comment
    User score Total 80.0 User Review
     Michael Whitney
    This is the website every photographer wishes he had up. Very good photo's and excellent layout on the website. 
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