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51.0     ASR score  
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This is a very clean adult toy superstore that well organized without any other features.
Classification    Adult Merchant
Content Rate    Unrated
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    Toy Shop
Language    English
Content Media    Shop
Exclusive    No
Update Period    everyday
Service Since    6/1/2002

    ASR Official Fact Review of is just about that helping men and women seek an orgasm. There isn't much information on the site other than the toys and the videos. While many other sites are pushing to have more and more features to keep potential purchasers on the site, SeekingO remains a drop buy shop to get your adult swag from.

At first glance this is a very nice site that is pleasing to the eye. There is a menu across the top and a menu down the left side of the screen. The main focus of the site is a "Summer of Love" clearance sale graphic. Clicking the items in this menu will give you several items that they've put on this site at reduced rates. You can get off more for less money.

Clicking into a toy on the site gives you plenty of information and options to make your decision from. They, like most adult stores feature pictures that show you the item. The picture are enlargable to bigger pictures so that you can get a more detailed look. Many of the toys have several different toys that you can click on the radio button to select. The product description gives you a brief overview of what the product is and what it is capable of doing.

The most valuable aspect of the toy purchasing for this site are the product reviews. These are the reviews by the users of the site and of the toy. These lend credibility to the toys and allow you to see what people who plunked down cash just like you thought about the toy.

Overall this is a good sex store site. It has a pretty clean design and site look. The connection speed is pretty fast so you won't have to worry about getting hung up while in the middle of your search. The reviews by both the site's reviewers and by the sites users will give you plenty of information in order to make decisions about what toys to purchase.
DESIGN    7 /10
QUALITY    24 /50
QUANTITY    14 /30
SERVICE    3 /5
PRICE    3 /5
ASR score Total    51.0

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