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Eden Fantasys
58.0     ASR score  
100.0     User score  
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Eden Fantasys Visit
Not just an adult toy store, they've Created a viable online community for Adult entertainment.
Classification    Adult Merchant
Content Rate    Softcore
Primary Category   
2nd Categories   
3rd Categories   
Mobile Website   
Keywords    Toy Shop
Language    English
Content Media    Shop
Exclusive    No
Update Period    everyday
Service Since    6/1/2002

    ASR Official Fact Review of Eden Fantasys is a site that we can't recommend enough. It's more than just a Sex store. They have succeeded in creating a bona fide online community for those who love a bit more than just missionary in their sex life. This is almost like The Macy's or Nordstrom of online sex stores as it is such a wonderful site that you may go there just to hang out and never purchase anything.

Besides all of the great content, this site has a very good design and is a wonderful place to make your adult purchase. All of the toys are broken up into various categories including separate categories for different parts of the body. Meaning you don't have to rut around the site looking for nipple clamps they're right there for you. Also they have search methods that break down toys by insertion length and girth. Talk about knowing how your body works!

Eden Fantasy has a registration process for their prospective customers that allows the visitors to use all of the different options for the site. There are forums and community blog that all of he users can contribute to. Also many of the toys on the site not only have reviews and descriptions by the staff members but also by users of the site (and presumably users of the toy).

The community blog section of the site will be a place that you will visit over and over again. This is SUCH a helpful feature. Even the most knowledgeable sex-o-phile will be able to glean some usefull information. There are articles about toy sterilization, male infertility and performance, and different sexual conventions. It's updated every several days and it will soon become a part of your regular website rotation.

Overall EdenFantasy is an AWESOME site. This will become like an album in your collection that you listen to as a soundtrack to your life. With it's huge community and infinite search capability it will make is so that you can find that needle in the haystack that provides you the orgasm you've been craving.

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  • Line Speed: Good
    DESIGN    7 /10
    QUALITY    28 /50
    QUANTITY    17 /30
    SERVICE    3 /5
    PRICE    3 /5
    ASR score Total    58.0

        User Review or Comment
    User score Total 100.0 User Review
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    Eden Fantasys is a complete adult community that uses reviews from actual toy users. You may join this membership program free of charge, get 1 item free per month to review and participate in the forum, blog, product and review rating. Earn points for your own toy purchases with site participation! Eden Fantasys is an award winning site with a lot to offer. I am a top reviewer and definitely recommend this site for anyone curious or looking to expand their toy, lingerie, beauty product or BDSM collection! 
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