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    Site Information
Fucking Machines
90.0     ASR score  
85.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
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Fucking Machines Visit
Girl vs. Machine: more than 30 machines developed only for fucking make girls reach the extreme orgasms
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Niche Category    BizarreNiche
Mobile Website    Available (on a specific URL)Mobile Site
Keywords    fucking machine, fetish, BDSM, bizarre, insertion, kinky,
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image, Live CAM, Shop
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 1,003 movies, 1280x720 max
photo 154,462 images, 1200x800 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    everyday
Service Since    10/6/2000
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$29.90/1 month, recurring $29.90/1 month
$59.90/3 months, recurring $59.90/3 months
$99.00/6 months one-time charge
$169.95/1 year one-time charge
Payment Method    Debit Card, Credit Card, Check
Billing Company    1. Rocket Gate   2. Epoch   3. Jettis   

    ASR Official Fact Review of Fucking Machines
  Website General Info
A shocking ingenious invention out of human desire had been developed and substantialized to fuck a woman in our real world. It was called “Fucking Machine” and created for only one reason, fucking women. Since the first fucking machine proved enough how efficiently it satisfied a woman, for the last 14 years more than 30 machines has been developed and thousands of women became the beneficiaries to experience the extreme orgasm feeling like heaven in This site is not just a website but a group of good inventors to improve happiness of human. is the only internet site of machines fucking women and it’s priceless. Service, update, and billing transaction are reliable on this site.
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 30,359 global (15,371 in US) as of today [Related Link]
  • Web server routing time: very fast, 21 ms* (tested from Irvine, CA on a 10Mbps broadband ISP line by tracert on Windows 7 OS )
  Web Design ++++++++--
  • Website Graphics: Not so fancy even with some ad banners but easy to read for focusing on functional navigation
  • Website Structure: A lot of service links and menus organized well on the web pages
  • Website Scripts: Not so complicated scripts on the html based coding in fast loading speed
  Mobile Compatibility & SNS ++++++++++
  Service Info ++++++++++
  • Third Menu: On the bottome of the main page there are 41 site links of all the KINK.COM's brother and sister sites
  • Options: Models / Kink gear / Become a model / Forums / Support
  • Extra Service 1: LIVE SHOW: has four live shows a month. Shows are FREE to members. During the live shows you can chat with the models, make machine suggestions, see all the BTS work that goes into machine fucking a hot babe, chat with the director and watch as the girls get fucked in real time by machines. Watch our high quality streaming video and audio of the show as it happens in real time. The live show chat room will be moderated by staff and models to ensure the chat stays enjoyable for the membership.
  • Update Content: twice a month updating with a scene
  • Last Update Made: currently up-to-date
  • Customer Support Available: ticket submission, email
  • Special Event: In KINKY DEALS it offers discounted prices of other's sites.
  Scene and Model Info of Movies & Photos +++++++++-
  • Nasty Level: BDSM kinky hardcore
  • Percentage of Scenes: Hardcore 100%
  • Total Number of Scenes: 1,003 scenes
  • Shooting Places of Scenes: indoor, outdoor, scenic place, studio, work place
  • Scene Background & Shooting Sets: professional shooting sets and background setup for the scene
  • Actions of Scenes: solo, 1 on 1, threesome, anal sex, lesbian play, masturbation, vaginal insertion, sex toy, pissing, squirting, pervert, bizarre, BDSM, pain
  • Model Makeup, Costume & Props: mostly naked with no clothing, basic makeup and a little props
  • Total Number of Models: 500
  • Profile Information of Models: available
  • Profession of Models: pornstar, professional actor/actress, amateur, new face actor/actress
  • Race of Models: Asian, Caucasian, black, American
  • Body Types of Models: general bodies
  • Breasts Size of Models: all sizes of breasts
  • Ages of Models: 20-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49 * (guessed from their appearance)
  Movie Content Info ++++++++++
  • Total Number of Movies: 1,003
  • Movie Update Since: 10/6/2000
  • Average Length of Movies: 45 min
  • Average File Size of Max Resolution Movies: 1,800 MBytes
  • HD Format Availability: 720p (65% in HD out of the total movies)
  • Resolutions of Movies: 1280x720, 960x540l, 640x360, 512x288, 480x270 (before Jan, 2007 the max resolution is 640x480)
  • Movie File Formats: WMV, MP4
  • Picture Quality of Movies: very clear
  • Cinematography: professional movie directing with good light source
  • Movie Scenario: adlib acting in a situation
  • Spoken Language in Movies: English
One scene contains around 4-6 sessions fucking with different machines on the each session with interviewing model(s) at the beginning and the end of the scene.
  Streaming Service Info ++++++++++
  • Media Streaming Method: Media Streaming Server
  • Quality of Streaming Movies: very good
  • Screen Size of Streaming: 720x405 with quality options of HD, Hign, Med, and Low
  • Full Screen Option Available: Yes
  • Buffering: fast
  • Jumping To Scenes With Slidebar: Yes
  Image Content Info ++++++++--
  • Total Number of Image Galleries: 1,003
  • Average Image Number In A Gallery: 154
  • Total Number of Images: 154,462
  • Image Update Since: 10/13/2000
  • Resolutions of Images: 1200x800, 800x500
  • Image File Format: JPG
  • Image Watermark: Small text on the corner
  • Image Thumbnail Availability: Yes
  • Image Slideshow Availability: No
  • Picture Quality of Images: average clear
  • Photography of Photos: professional photography
  Content Download Service ++++++++++
  • Movie Download Availability: Yes
  • Image Download Availability: Yes
  • Downloadable Movie Resolutions: 1280x720, 960x540l, 640x360, 512x288, 480x270 (before Jan, 2007 the max resolution is 640x480)
  • Full Movie Download: Yes
  • Movie Clip Download: 4-6 session clips on each scene
  • Image Zipped File Download: Yes
  • Downloadable Image Resolutions: 1200x800, 800x500
  • Download Speed: 1345 KB/s, taking 1 min 14 sec to download a file of 100MB* (tested on 10Mbsp broadband line)
  • Download Quota: unlimited
  • Download Manager Compatibility: working good * (tested with Free Download Manager which is copyrighted by
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connectons: 25
  • Reviewed on 4/22/2014 - ASR Fact Review Ver. 3.01


    While the machines featured on this site all have unique names that conjure up thoughts of medieval torture devices, the fact is that compared to the usual collection of male porn stars, these fuck-robots have endless stamina and only slightly less personality. To get the full range of what's available, visit the site and take the free tour. If this type of action gets you off, you'll be happy to join.

    Each scene features some hot babe or two trying out a different selection of machines that were designed with the sole purpose to slam different sized dildos repeatedly in and out of whatever hole the slut prefers. She chooses the size of the latex cock and speed at which it will operate. Most of the time she'll start out slowly than build to a frenzied climax before switching to something bigger and more powerful.

    The machines are all uniquely inventive and different. Some have adapted existing machines to their new task while others have obviously been designed with one goal in mind... to bring these insatiable whores to the brink of climax and beyond. There is a lot of exclusive content here and most of it is very high quality. It's especially nice to get a good close-up look at the gaping snatch without having to look past some man ass, but I worry what might happen if these machines became readily available to the women of the world... or worse, what would happen if the machines become capable of free thought.

    Scenes are broken into clips and can be streamed directly in a variety of resolutions. To save a scene members must download a zip that contains 5 or 6 smaller clips, there are no full length, single file clips. However, unlike longer (normal) porn scenes, there are natural places to take a break while a new machine is brought in so the flow of the action isn't interrupted. Photos are broken into scene sets and are available in a high or low resolution and can be saved individually or in a zip.

    Even though I am not a particular fan of this type of porn, I did find the content intriguing and clearly the babes enjoy themselves. If the average man cock just isn't doing your porn justice, then check out the damage these distant cousins of the T1000 are capable of doing.
    DESIGN    9 /10
    QUALITY    46 /50
    QUANTITY    25 /30
    SERVICE    5 /5
    PRICE    5 /5
    ASR score Total    90.0

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    User score Total 85.0 User Review
     Guy Rich
     Power Administrator
    Personally like this site very much 
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