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    Site Information
TS Pussy Hunters
71.0     ASR score  
0.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
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TS Pussy Hunters Visit
Trans-sexual shemale hardcore porn in kinky way
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Niche Category    TransNiche
Mobile Website    Available (on a specific URL)Mobile Site
Keywords    TS, tranny, trans-sexual, shemale, BDSM, bondage, kinky
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 102 movies, 1280x720 max
photo 22,032 images, 1200x800 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    weekly
Service Since    3/12/2013
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$29.99/1 month, recurring $29.99/1 month
$59.99/3 months, recurring $59.99/3 months
$99.99/6 months one-time charge
$169.99/1 year one-time charge
Payment Method    Debit Card, Credit Card, Check
Billing Company    1. Rocket Gate   2. Epoch   3. DHD Media   

    ASR Official Fact Review of TS Pussy Hunters
  Website General Info
Do you think that TS women fuck better than normal guys? You should check this site to see it is true at least in this site. There are so many TS sites on the internet, but there is no TS site where TS women fuck girls wildly on the BDSM kinky ways like TS Pussy Hunters. All the TS models of this site are so beautiful and fuck 10 times better than guys. TS Pussy Hunters is in's network which operates so many BDSM sites including Fucking Machines, and there are two TS sites in the network. is a site of TS women fucking girls and is a site of TS women dominating and fucking men.
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 66,743 global (49,067 in US) as of today [Related Link]
  • Web server routing time: very fast, 21 ms* (tested from Irvine, CA on a 10Mbps broadband ISP line by tracert on Windows 7 OS )
  Web Design ++++++++--
  • Website Graphics: Not so fancy even with some ad banners but easy to read for focusing on functional navigation
  • Website Structure: A lot of service links and menus organized well on the web pages
  • Website Scripts: Not so complicated scripts on the html based coding in fast loading speed
  Mobile Compatibility & SNS ++++++++++
  Service Info +++++++++-
  • Third Menu: On the bottome of the main page there are 41 site links of all the KINK.COM's brother and sister sites
  • Options: Models / Kink gear / Become a model / Forums / Support
  • Update Content: weekly updating with a scene
  • Last Update Made: currently up-to-date
  • Customer Support Available: ticket submission, email
  Scene and Model Info of Movies & Photos ++++++++--
  • Nasty Level: BDSM kinky hardcore
  • Percentage of Scenes: Hardcore 100%
  • Total Number of Scenes: 102 scenes
  • Shooting Places of Scenes: indoor, studio
  • Scene Background & Shooting Sets: professional shooting sets and background setup for the scene
  • Actions of Scenes: 1 on 1, threesome, fetish, anal sex, oral sex, lesbian play, bi-sexual, vaginal insertion, sex toy, pervert, BDSM
  • Model Makeup, Costume & Props: good fashion designed clothing and lingeries, basic makeup and some props
  • Total Number of Models: 80
  • Profile Information of Models: available
  • Profession of Models: professional actor/actress, amateur
  • Race of Models: Asian, Caucasian, black
  • Body Types of Models: general bodies
  • Breasts Size of Models: all sizes of breasts
  • Ages of Models: 20-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49 * (guessed from their appearance)
  Movie Content Info ++++++++--
  • Total Number of Movies: 102
  • Movie Update Since: 5/18/2012
  • Average Length of Movies: 40 min
  • Average File Size of Max Resolution Movies: 1,300 MBytes
  • HD Format Availability: 720p (100% in HD out of the total movies)
  • Resolutions of Movies: 1280x720, 960x540l, 640x360, 512x288, 480x270
  • Movie File Formats: WMV, MP4
  • Picture Quality of Movies: very clear
  • Cinematography: professional director's filming with good movie technics
  • Movie Scenario: specific theme movie with actor's screenplay only but no story
  • Spoken Language in Movies: English
  Streaming Service Info ++++++++++
  • Media Streaming Method: Media Streaming Server
  • Quality of Streaming Movies: very good
  • Screen Size of Streaming: 720x405 with quality options of HD, Hign, Med, and Low
  • Full Screen Option Available: Yes
  • Buffering: fast
  • Jumping To Scenes With Slidebar: Yes
  Image Content Info ++++++++--
  • Total Number of Image Galleries: 102
  • Average Image Number In A Gallery: 216
  • Total Number of Images: 22,032
  • Image Update Since: 5/18/2012
  • Resolutions of Images: 1200x800, 800x500
  • Image File Format: JPG
  • Image Watermark: Small text on the corner
  • Image Thumbnail Availability: Yes
  • Image Slideshow Availability: No
  • Picture Quality of Images: average clear
  • Photography of Photos: professional photography
  Content Download Service ++++++++++
  • Movie Download Availability: Yes
  • Image Download Availability: Yes
  • Downloadable Movie Resolutions: 1280x720, 960x540l, 640x360, 512x288, 480x270
  • Full Movie Download: Yes
  • Image Zipped File Download: Yes
  • Downloadable Image Resolutions: 1200x800, 800x500
  • Download Speed: 1318 KB/s, taking 1 min 16 sec to download a file of 100MB* (tested on 10Mbsp broadband line)
  • Download Quota: unlimited
  • Download Manager Compatibility: working good * (tested with Free Download Manager which is copyrighted by
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connectons: 25
  • Reviewed on 6/9/2014 - ASR Fact Review Ver. 3.01

    DESIGN    8 /10
    QUALITY    38 /50
    QUANTITY    16 /30
    SERVICE    5 /5
    PRICE    4 /5
    ASR score Total    71.0

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        TS Pussy Hunters Site's Self Introduction

    TS Pussy Hunters is hot tranny women dominating female pornstars.

    Ts Women Dominate and Seduce Hot Amateur Babes

    Beautiful babes are put into situations where Ts cock and tits overwhelm, intoxicate and prove irresistible to first-timers. Full service hardcore sex using toys, and non-stop fucking, with dick and tits. Transsexual dominatrices give straight women the cock they will no doubt crave after hot, steamy sessions. What woman wouldn't want a Ts dick in her box?

    Resistance to her hard dick is futile Transsexual Women Convert Female Sluts

    Enchanting ladies lure newcomers to the fold using tits and cock coercions. All female subs give in, give up, and give head to beautiful transsexual dicks. These sluts assimilate quickly and will need to be restrained from wanting to devour her tasty cock after having a suck and a fuck. Trannies whip out the big guns to entice fledgling recruits. Getting the best of both worlds destroys the desire for these beginners for anything else.

    Ts Women Stalk Female Beginners

    Chicks with dicks sniff out their prey - gorgeous straight women who don't know what they've been missing. These delectable dilettantes don't know what they're in for in these wickedly kinky videos. Everyone will be surprised when a Ts cock pops out into the screen and into the holes of hot female novice cunts. Some of your favourite models like Katie Summers, Ashlynn Lee, and Francesca Le will be hounding then pounding precious luscious female pussies on a weekly basis.

    Newcomers Submit to Ts Seduction

    Even determined newbies eventually give in to the overwhelmingly sexy approach of our Ts beauties. Babes at the beginning of their exploration are entranced and will beg for just a little more taste of Ts dommes' cum. And lucky for them, she will provide all the cock they can fit in their mouths.

    Female Sluts Bound by Trans Females

    TS cocks and amateur pussies collide in videos of domination and pleasure. There is no chance for them to escape and each scene promises hardcore sex that doesn't stop until plenty of cum has been squirted and swallowed. Ladies first.

    Amateur sluts get Ts'd

    Women who have never had their tits and cock in one perfect Ts cocktail get their fill when they get Ts'd . As the scene goes on, so does the rough sex and dick sucking doled out by beautiful trannies and delivered hard and ready inside the wet, willing pussies of bound babes. These trans dommes know how to make a real woman out of unsuspecting hetero-babes by making them submit with beguiling, bewitching charms and big hard dicks in all their holes.

    Tranny BDSM Fetish

    Ts women are hot and deliver an all inclusive BDSM experience. Their tits, their cocks, their luxuriously come-hither glances and smirks make for the illusion that they are your typical innocent maidens of virtue. But when the truly innocent least expect it, Ts women use their womanly wiles to overtake them, bind them, and punish them with hard, pounding cut and uncut engorged Ts penises.

    Tranny BDSM Films

    Pussies beware, her hungry cock is on the prowl for amateur pussies to capture and tease with her physical accoutrements that include well-rounded breasts so beautiful in HD, they bounce off the screen. Scenes end in cum stained sessions of submission in quintessential Ts videos on the net. These films bring out the feminine side of hardcore fucking which is just as rough and satisfyingly dripping with orgasms.

    Reality and Exotic Locations

    Fantasies and reality come together to produce films where all Ts dreams are realized. At locations from spaceships and saloons to everyday places like massage parlours and bedrooms, Ts women love to fuck anywhere. The where doesn't matter so much as the who and the who's who of female beauties line up to give the hottest known Ts domination of females site ever.

    Transexual Porn Site

    Femme fatales with the hardest cocks, the softest tits and the worst intentions dominate and turn bitches out on the ultimate transfucking porn site. This Ts site leaves all the men behind and features only beautiful trannies ramming beautiful ladies in streaming HD films.

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