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  • Site Name: Lez Cuties Review Visit
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Andy - Exam session: Zoya is preparing for her first exam session in college. Her roommate Andy knows a few tricks how to relieve the stress of studying and how to share some hot moments with Zoya!

Cherry Angel - Lez Rookies: Good news guys! We found another two young lesbians willing to pose and play in front of our camera. Their names are Cherry and Shrima and according to them there is nothing better than a sweet juicy pussy in the morning. Well we didn't argue with this statement... instead we let the camera roll and enjoyed the show.

Lilian - Teach me to shave...: Lilian saw Angelina's shaved pussy and thought it was so sexy that she wanted one just like that too. Now Angellina is going to teach her how. Of course once Lilian's pussy is shaven clean there's nothing that will stop Angellina from wanting to lick it really well and feel her soft skin and dripping wetness...

Zaria - Carrots: My mum keeps saying me that carrots are healthy and if I eat a lot I won't need any glasses since they're good for the eyes. I don't know if it's true or not but I don't like the taste of carrot at all! However recently me and my friend Kamilla discovered a new way to consume carrots - and we won't even notice the taste! I wonder what mum would say when catching us eating each other in the kitchen...!

Tanita - Crush on her: Natalia was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for her girlfriend who might arrive any time. She got the crusher still in her hand when Tanita confessed she has a crush on her and that she feels more than a friendship... Now let's see what happened afterwards!

Linda D. - Doing the laundry: Gwen wants to help her friend with the laundry once they rent the same flat together. But she seems to set Linda back she's always in the way. Soon the two girls realize there're much better things besides laundry that should get more attention!

Grace - Virgin games: It's kinda surprising to hear girls still want to keep their virginity until they marry. Some think it's too old-fashioned others support those who respect the traditions But who said taking care of your hymen means lack of fun?

Charlene - Tea time: I invited my friend over after school we planned to study together. Since homework is much easier when you boost up your mind with a cup of tea we went down to the kitchen to have some. But tea wasn't the only think that got our mind goin'...

Priscilla - Phone stalker: Priscilla regularly receives strange phone calls from a guy. He's whispering dirty things to her. Last time we were there the guy called her again. If only he'd know we like girls not boys... I'm sure he won't call again!

Ulla - Homework: Ulla asked Krystal to help with the homework. But these two nasty blondines abandoned their school tasks - for the sake of some wild fingerfucking and pussymunching!

Sneila - Lazy afternoon: Olive was chatting with her girlfriend Sneila at her place and they invited a new girl in town as well named Paulina. When it turned out Paulina has no experience in girlie love the two decided they'll teach her some hot stuff!

Kelly - Sleeping over: Leona is sleeping over she wants to share her gossips with Kelly. But it soon turns out she not only wants to shere the news but her favorite double-headed dildo as well. Will Kelly accept the offer?

Priscilla - Girl talk: I was visiting my girlfriend Priscilla - but wasn't aware that she has a guest. But once we came together why not have some fun? Fortunately enough all of us were open for new things...

Laki - Morning rush: Since Laki my schoolmate sleeps at my place I am usually late from school every morning. Why? We always find some time to indulge in some hot sex - as the hottest start of the day!

Malena - Peeping on Abigail: We were visiting Abigail but it seems we haven't chosen the right hour for this... because she was busy satisfying herself! As we opened the door we caught her masturbating - and after a while we decided to join in as well!

Foxy - Piano practices: Andy asked me to listen to her favorite songs. She's been playing piano for three years now and I never heard her playing. This time I was just standing at her side fascinated by the music. I stared at her long and quick fingers imagining them touching my nipples sliding all the way down on my neck...

Xenia - Phone sex: 'Why don't we do something naughty?' Ruta suggested. We all were sitting at her place waiting for the pizza we just ordered. And since the telephone was at hand she grabbed it and dialled a live sex phone line. We all waited with bated breath eager to hear all the nasty details...

Ruby - Strap-on sweethearts: A girl's best friend? I would vote for my strap-on dong. I often use it to please my best friends. Recently I learned that Ruby has never tried it so I decided it's high time for her to feel my fake dick pumping her pussy while my fingers are exploring her anus!

Lis - Cheers: A couple glasses of sweet red wine would surely ease your anxiety before your first ever lesbian encounter. Of course rookies like Nana need to have an experienced teacher as well who would initiate them into the realms of true lesbian passion!

Lis - Dorm bunnies: The big thing in sharing a dorm with your girlfriend is that you could always stay at her side. You could share your free time secrets and gossips with her anytime you want ?€? and maybe you could share your bed with her as well. And I couldn?€?t think of any better actually.

Yvonne - Love lessons: Preparing for school is much easier is you have some study help. My girlfriends Breana and Priscilla came over to help me with biology homework. Well at least we all have learnt some news about the human reproduction system!

Olive - Sexy snacks: Let?€?s get some fruits! And also some whipped cream to go with. I know Olive has a sweet tooth and maybe we could also persuade Gerda to have her first taste of pussy as we?€?re having these sweet snacks and kisses.

Foxy - Seventh heaven: There is a lesbian in every teen girl waiting to cum out and get satisfied. But when the two of us get to playing it is a lot more than just innocent fun. Nothing better than eating pussy on the bed and I?€?ll feel myself in the seventh heaven...

Foxy - Jealousy: 'What's that phone number you're writing down?' asked Yvonne in a rather embarrassed voice. 'Oh nothing it's just a new acquaintance of mine' I said. 'Is she pretty? Is she better in sex than me?' the jealous Yvonne continued 'Is she willing to lick your pussy just like I would now?' As she said this she kneeled down to bury her head in my lap...

Priscilla - Try on try out: Foxy brought some clothes for me to try on she said she's sure they'd suit me. Well I started to remove my pullover just to try on that pink dress but I made up my mind and wanted to try her out instead...

Sunny - Winner takes all: Sunny is such a skilled poker player that we are usually afraid to sit down and play cards with her. Especially if she got us to make some bets beforehand. She usually makes up some really nasty bets like she did it this time also...

Devora - Soft drinks hard core: How 'bout some soda? Fortunately Eileen brought a dozen of them it'll be easier to stand the summer heat. and maybe they could serve as kinky playthings as well when it comes to sex...

Devora - Bedtime stories: A romantic story before bedtime can really heat up two hot teen lesbian girlfriends. They even ask to see each others pussy - and even more after reading about sensual kisses and everlasting love! You could be sure there won?€?t be any sleep tonight?€?

Lis - Kitchen fun: My hunger drove me to the kithcen but I was not in search of some snacks I rather wanted some tasty kisses and sloppy licks on my throbbing hot pussy. And Wendy was the perfect solution for my appetite!

Jeannie - Party preparations: We were about to decorate Jeannie's room before the party. Lis bought some balloons and started to jest and fool around with them. Soon all of us were involved in her plays that soon took a turn...

Eileen - Bathroom plays: If you would know what we girls do in the bathroom... well you surely want to join in! This time I accompanied Aubrie and watched her as she let out a tiny shimmering stream of golden shower. This was the moment when I felt I want more of her!

Eileen - Help with homework: I asked Eileen is she could help me with my homework mathemiatics is getting really difficult for me now. She came over but instead of extracting roots she slided her nifty fingers under my skirt reaching for my wet piant flesh...

Priscilla - Toys for us: Priscilla got cute plush mascot toys for her birthday from her friends. She's really touched by the kindness of Vanilla and Janine and decides that she needs to show her love by giving a big kiss to the girls... And even more signs of her tenderness too!

Wendy - The grapes of joy: There's more going on than just having a snack when Wendy and Lis set their lips to play. Why? The sweet fruits could be enjoyed best when eaten directy from each others mouths!

Sunny - So hungry: All day long I was waiting for our date. I wanted to feel her warm cheek on my tits her light hands running down on my sensitive skin her wet mouth on my pink clean-shaven pussy. I could hardly bear my longing for her...

Laima - Hot jeans: Charlene shows her new jeans dress to her friend Laima... who founds it irresistible and presents her fascination by leaning closer and touching the tender teen body under the rough material!

Natalia - Homework trouble: Our task in the literature class: to write an essay about our best friend. I chose to write about Ally but somehow I don't have the right inspiration. Maybe if she helps me I will get the impulse to write the best take-home essay task on her!

Odetta - Kinky in the kitchen: If you know Krystal you know that she often has dirty thoughts in mind. This is especially true when she's in the kitchen as if all those strange-looking devices would inspire her to be kinky!

Breana - Seduction: Just a touch and my knees weakened. Breana slowly slid her hands up on my thighs and I felt a familiar buzz building up in my spine. My heart was throbbing my pussy aching for her licks...

Aliza - Daddy's office: Daddy doesn't let me go into his room. That's where he keeps all his business papers and I might make a mess that's what he always says. This afternoon me and my girlfriend sneaked into his office while he was away - and did some lusty plays there in secret!

Willa - In the park with Willa: It seems we found a new muse for our shootings. Willa is a natural beauty we're mesmerized by her sweet face and pout lips. This photo shooting is dedicated to her: come with us and let's spend an afternoon in the park with Willa!

Ally N. - Backstage for September 2009: September has arrived and since most of our babes continue their studies we managed to do a shooting and fortunately all our favorites were free: yes you'll see Ally who's all smiles as always my muse Alisa cuter than ever petite Reyna kinky Ingrid attacking Alexa's pert butt... lots of fun!

Amira - Backstage for August 2009: Oh you still haven't seen the funniest moments and takeouts of our good-spirited shootings. Just watch this great compilation of backstage photos and see our girls having fun - we indeed had to stop for half an hour last time because Orina and Amira the naughty girlfriends weren't able to stop laughing!

Ally N. - Backstage for June 2009: It was so good to see "old" faces again like Bethany or Ally N. this month but also we had a nice bunch of newcomer girls too such as Joana or Aja who both did their very first sapphic scene for us. Well let's take a look at these candid behind the scenes and fun pictures to get the feeling of our shootings!

Ashley - Backstage for May 2009: Now I can't believe how quick this month passed. Maybe it's because all the hard work we did... from week to week shooting all new girls (fortunately we have a bunch of them!) who seem to be very friendly and fun to work with. Let the backstage pictures speak for themselves!

Want some more? Check the site. Lez Cuties

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