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 10/28/2014 GALLERY UPDATE
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Michelle Moore - Blindfolded: Michelle stripped away from her sight with a silky blindfold could only rely on her senses. She loved it... she loved the unexpected because it turned her on without end. The soft touches coming from random directions made her burn with lust and when finally He slid into her her passion took away the last of her resistance. Michelle was happy!

Andrea Francis - Heartbeat: Even surrounded by limitless space the Girl felt alone still content. Her naked body caressed by the gentle breathe as she stood proud feeling no shame about her nudity. Then the Man stepped in and the Girl's heart welcomed his arrival with a lustful beat. Strong arms slid around the bare body urging the blood to run faster and the loins to burn with desires...\r\n

Isabella Chrystin - Black and white: The little differences that made their love something really special... Her gentle desire and his burning passion. Her kindness and his temper. Her dark skin against his white one. They were different still together they were so perfect and she felt it every time when he led his manhood inside her pushing her to the top and over.

Gettin Cute - Cute: She was adorable and she knew it always purring herself into His arms with her cute smile. She was full of grace tenderness and playful erotica and she had an easy time to turn Him on. This way she made love with him whenever she wanted to... and she wanted it often and long.

Angie Koks - Waves: Having only the endless blue sky above and the dancing waves under them to witness their love they had nothing to be ashamed of. They could devote themselves to each other offering themselves on the altar of their pure boundless love there over the gentle waves.

Victoria Blaze - Blaze: Her name is Vicky Blaze... a name well fitting to her personality. A fiery dynamic girl who lives and loves with an unmatched zeal. She loves to travel she loves to dance and she loves to make love. Her heat cannot be cooled she craves for the care to feed the blaze of her passion.

Alysa Gap - Simple: It was so simple for them. It didn't require anything for them to get close they didn't need permission to touch they didn't have to ask for a kiss. For them everything just happened nice smooth easy... simple. And after it has happened their lust took over the control and they only had to follow.

Blanche Bradburry - Echo: When she woke up it felt like if her dreams came true following her to the real world. Like an echo from her mind things turned real when He stepped into the room. Her loins still hot from her sensual dreams she wasted no time to pull Him into her soft clad making him part of the echo of her dream.

Dido Angel - Blues: She felt lonely... she often felt that way. An old record hummed silent blues that fitted well to her mood. That was her life... a long melancholic wait between the moments of pleasure that she spent with the Man she loved. His touch on her silky skin the throbbing manhood inside her made her forget her loneliness... until He left again making the girl wait for the next time.

Iwia - Ivy: Like the ivy Iwia ruse to become more-more beautiful her beauty blossomed and she became a real woman. She doesn't bow her head anymore she is proud and open and she is quite aware of her sexuality. She knew what she wants and when she wants it and she got it to have it on her own way. Have HIM on her own way.

Anita Bellini - Wordless: Their love doesn't requires words. No promises made aloud no lies to tell. Their bodies speak for them their eyes hold the truth their lust make the talk. When they are together making love with wordless silence only the soft moans and happy groans can be heard... this is a true love.

Mia Angel - Expose: She knew well that exposing herself to someone has its dangers but she didn't mind. She trusted Him with the full of her heart loved Him. With Him she felt safe even when being defenseless exposed nude. Like a river Her love flew through her cradling Her on the waves of sensuality... she was exposed but she was safe.

Samia Duarte - Smile: She smiled because her smile was everything. She smiled for love she smiled for a kiss she smiled when he caressed her in his arms. She smiled because she was happy she smiled because she had him she smiled because he taught him about pleasures she never knew before. And he loved her smile she knew that well... so she smiled for him.

Ashley - Together: It wasn't about gifts not for Her. It was about being together to shake off the grey ashes of the everyday to live to the moment. Nothing was important until she could be with Him everything seems so unimportant while His kisses burnt her lips His fingers caressed her body His manhood stroke her moist depth. It was all about being together with Him.

Abbie Cat - Sensual: She had sensuality in her every motion radiating from her pores like the sweetest aphrodisiac thrilling mesmerizing enthralling. It was in her breathe in her touch in her motion. It was the spice of her love the essence of her being the rule of her own erotic world. Nobody could resist and nobody wanted to.

Ashley - Lithe: She loves starting Her mornings in silence. In the first soft lights She gets astonished by Her own beautiful tight but silky body. Her slender neck rotund breasts lovely belly strong arse and even stronger thighs... Every part of Her perfect athletic body is waiting for getting occupied by His passion and cupidity.

Szilvia Lauren - Ripe: The Woman wasn't a teenager anymore still her beauty didn't seem to fade by the passing years. Like the spiciest wine her beauty became seasoned instead tasty and fulfilling and anyone who tasted her love couldn't forget it anymore.

April Blue - Fragile: Beautiful young and fragile she was like the first Spring flower tender and craving for a pair of strong arms to hold her to caress her a Man to feed her lust and soothe her arousal. Weak and gentle she loved to feel a Man's power loved to feel this power turning gentle still overwhelming serving still controlling her fragile body.

Tina Blade - Silence: She loves the silence when she is alone listening to hear own heartbeats as they get faster and faster while her fingers wandering along her body touching the sweetest spots. But there is something even better than silence... and it is Him surprising her his strong arms caressing her body.

Vanda Lust - Purity: She had no guilt because Her heart was pure. She gave everything to Him... her love her soul her beautiful body. And He was grateful for the grace holding Her gifts close to His heart. He never missed a chance to caress that She gave him tending them like if it was the purest garden the Eden itself constantly watering Her flowers of pure love.

Candy Love - Unreal: For the Girl it still felt so unreal so wondrous so dream-like. Those fragile moments obscure in details still leaving vivid echoes throughout her body her heart her loins. Every kiss burnt her body every touch left joyful throb on her skin and when He slide inside her... that was something the Girl won't forget... ever!

Kerry - Curious: She was curious in Her every beautiful bit exploring the world with wide-eyed naivety but the thing She wanted to explore the most lied not outside but within. Her lust was the greatest mystery of all and She took every opportunity to wander around in the world of sensuality learn about every little secrets of Her body and walk down on every path to be able to give pleasure.

Coco de Mal - Daydream: Her eyes stared over the thin curtain of reality to an unseen place where only she existed... she and her sensual dreams. Her fingers almost unwillingly started to wander around her body trembling fingertips caressing silky skin down to her gentle loins now must with lust. She dreamed awake and these dreams gently cradled her into a passionate fulfillment...

Nataly Von - Tender: Her hair like the fire inside her still the Girl was anything but demanding. She knew how to control her lust how to let it flow like an endless river washing away everything on its way. She was tender always tender and gentle in love still she got higher in passion than anything she knew.

Doris Ivy - Anticipation: The Girl was waiting for something. Her beautiful eyes like two crystal clean lakes looking through the window. Her body clad in laces burning in anticipation. Her fingers restless and craving wandered along Her body down to Her moist folds wanting wishing... and when He finally arrived She accepted Him inside with demanding gentleness.

Chary Kiss - Moments: She loved these moments of anticipation... the sweet soreness in her loins as the lust awoke driving her hand deeper and deeper along her body. The missed heartbeat as her Lover hugs her body from behind gently caressing her into that floating sensation when everything seems so unreal still every touches are so real. She loved these moments...

Lana S - Demanding: Lana's love was always demanding. She couldn't help it she wanted everything and even more. Her lips craved to touch His tongue to enclose His throbbing manhood her nipples screamed for a touch her wet deepness wanted Him inside... again and again whenever wherever.

Beata Undine - Dreaming: That tiny smile in the corner of the Girl's mouth hints about a wondrous journey in dreamland. A journey full of passion and lust and erotica. While She sleeps her hesitant fingers wonder low to her loins luring a thin layer of honey over the tender nether-regions. This arousal noticed by Him Her dream becomes reality as the kisses pull Her through the veil to the real but not less arousing world.

Doris Ivy - Unchained: She loved the old castle even if she was too young for it. Like a beautiful pale ghost she strode along the corridors shy and humble as the building itself. But as soon as she stepped through the doors to the castle gardens she threw off her shyness her chains her inhibitions to give herself to something more fitting to her youth!

Denni - Fresh: The Girl was young her mind full of dreams and wishes her body full of unfulfilled promises and unsatisfied desires. She was fresh like the spring morning and she was reckless like the winds that blow on those mornings. But Her freshness could be tamed... bending by His will reacting on His touch for the pleasure of both of them.

Leony April - Eden: This was Eden itself at least for Her. She adored every little corners of it. She loved the lush green she loved to see the Sun peeking through between the leaves she loved how the heavy scent of the countless flowers made her light-headed... and She loved when His Lover pleased her naked body right there adding even more to the magic of her garden.

Abbie Cat - Mirror: She loved the couple in the mirror because They were the same as Her and Her Lover but bared from the boredom of the everyday. That couple existed only to love always wishing for one another trembling with desire burning in passion. They were making love that two inside the mirror as She made love in front of it throwing away the chains and only live for the moment.

Cayenne Klein - Fantasy: The fantasy of a woman is her sacred garden watered by her lustful honey and giving birth to the flowers of Her heart. A woman's fantasy is colorful and gentle like the touch against her skin. A woman's fantasy is about strength still it's gentle... it is about hardness still it is so lovingly soft.

Leda - Shyness: Youth and joyful cuddly and shy... that was Her and They knew it. But under that innocent beauty there was something more something over Her control. She didn't gave it a name but it was hot like a burning coal making her female parts burn and tingle with excitement leaving nothing but lust in its awake... and when this thing grew in her Her shyness vanished got torn away like spiderweb in the Autumn winds.

Jessyka Swan - Freedom: She was the daughter of a new era. Always in connection always speeding along with the bloodstream of life ready to soak in everything that colorful world could to offer. She was like a sponge in the water. She knew no inhibition she recognized no closed doors. She was free to love and She dared to love fast and passionate... just like the world that She born into.

Kari Sweets - Perfection: The aim was always the perfection for Her. She was restless constantly in motion chiseling Her body until Her beauty was unquestionable. This very beauty was the thing that captured His heart and lured Him to Her. He couldn't stop but admire Her perfection and He craved to get a hold on Her voluptuous body... and finally He did.

Sophie Lynx - Morning: She treasured the mornings. The aroma of the fresh bakery the smell of the hot coffee the touch of the rising sun over Her skin. The smile of Her Lover as He hugged her close kissing Her in such a way that settled fire between Her silky thighs. She loved the way He got turned on and the way He turned Her on.... and She loved the quick hungry sex followed after. The mornings were the best!

Nesty - Melody: Her life was a melody. A collection of the humming tones of tenderness the pulsating rhythm of passion the crescendo of joy and the sweet cacophony of love melting together into the euphony of Her life. This same melody ruled Her body when She made love when She felt Her gentle sex burning with desire when She tangled with Her beloved like two perfect notes on the music sheet.

Ivana Sugar - Urges: The urges inside were limitless consuming overwhelming. The Girl her breathing heavy with anticipation wished nothing more than a touch. She wanted to feel the power the male body the hard erection penetrating her taking control over her driving her to the peak over and over again until the flame inside finally got soothed.

Teena Dolly - Innocence: Blushing over her own lust still waiting with wide-eyed excitement sat the Innocent. Her craving body trembling in anticipation her loins burning with desires she didn't dare to name. She was ready if afraid... still when the moment came and her body got penetrated by her lover she let out a happy moan and got consumed by her endless desires.

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