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  • Site Name: Big Tits Boss Review Visit
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Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Dylan - Ramon got a phone call from his boss, Dylan, to turn in the annual report. He thought he sent her the report, but he accidentally sent her pictures of his cock. Dylan was shocked at first, but after a moment she enjoyed them. So, she told him to come by to discuss his mistake. She wanted to know if that cock was really his, and he needed to prove himself to keep his job. So, he revealed his dick to her and she was impressed. The only way he could keep his job was if he let her suck it. So he respected her wishes and let her shove his cock down her throat. Then, she took out her huge hot melons and let Ramon play with them. Then, she pulled her panties to the side let him stick his face in her juicy pussy. Then, he pulled down her skirt and revealed that luscious ass. She got a good pounding and Ramon kept his job.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Bianka - Peter was over at a client's house giving an estimate on painting her place. It turned out the price Peter gave was way out of her range. He had already wasted money buying the paint, so they had to work something out. This smoking hot lady reached over and started feeling Peter up right away. He saw where it was going and was all about the compensation. Bianka was ready to show Peter one hell of a time so she could get her place done just right. You don't want to miss one second of this hot juicy Latina with crazy curves getting nailed hard. Instant classic!

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Aleksa - Tarzan was mowing the grass when his tractor broke down. Seeing no way to fix the problem, he decided to relax and wait for the boss lady to arrive. Aleksa showed up soon enough and was overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done before she could show the house that afternoon. To top it all off, she saw the stalled out tractor, and Tarzan just sitting there. Aleksa went off on him. But seeing her huge rack and luscious ass puts him at ease, and he smoothly calmed her down. He half-jokingly hit on Aleksa, and in her distraught state, she was extremely receptive to his advances. They went back to the house where Aleska begged for her tits and face to be fucked. Tarzan happily obliged and continued to pound her pussy until he covered her pretty face and gorgeous tits in cum.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Romi - Romi had to take over the family business because her husband had to go away. She and her family ran a very strict, old-school business. They came over from the Old World and began a thriving business, of, well... we won't get into all the details. Romi had been so horny since her husband went away. Her hungry pussy had been keeping her up late and, so, when Tony stopped by to give her the latest news regarding a business venture, Romi pounced. Watch her make her employee fuck her! She bosses him around and takes a ferocious pounding.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Ginawest - Gina's gym was losing money, and she was fed up with Jmac, one of the other trainers, slacking on the job. He hadn't been keeping up with clients and Gina's fit sexy physique and big tits couldn't do all the work. Gia figured she might as well get something out of hiring him; so she forced him to work out, and then when the time was right, she'd sits on his face. Jmac didn't object, especially since Gina started to blow him at the same time. These two got into some heavy fucking for an extreme workout session. Jmac got his cardio and weight training at once, as he worked out Gina's body in many positions, including the the Ballet Dancer and a standing cradle position.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Licious - Doing work around the house for a bossy powerful female can be tough work. Sometimes, they're just never happy with the service you provide. Whether it's fixing a leaky roof or plumbing issues. It's hard to concentrate too when she's pushing her big knockers in your face. This happened to Brick the other day. He was called over to a hot, bossy, big knocker woman's house to fix her plumbing. After harassing her hired hand and refusing to give him a bottle of water, this woman shoved her huge tits in his face. What else to do but service her every need. Watch a 20-year-old, hired plumber fuck his boss's tight pussy until she begs for his jizz.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Summer - Summer was told Tyler could do a quick job and fix her cars. But Tyler had been spending more time staring at Summers tits. Once she realized the job wouldn't be done in time for her appointment, Summer decided to have some fun with it. She placed his hand on her tits and grabbed his dipstick. She was ready to get a tune-up of her own. As Summer stripped down, we could see her beautiful blonde body, those two huge succulent tits, a juicy firm ass, and a fit toned body. Not to mention two amazing DSL's. Tyler made sure he checked everything and got her engine running right. By the end, Summer came multiple times and got an added glossy finish across her face and tits. Tyler was ready to get back to work.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Cheriedeville - Cherie had some painting she needed done at the house she was selling and she hired Jmac to do the job. Little did she know, Jmac was good at doing almost nothing. She fires him after catching him slacking twice but he offers to do something else for the money. He proposed that he was good at fucking which totally caught her attention. She soon found out that he was good at one thing only, slinging his big dong around for her to play with. You dont want to miss this hot sexy scene as Cherie takes over and shows Jmac how she likes getting titty fucked and pounded hard. This ones a classic, catch it !!

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Hollyheart - Holly was dissatisfied with her new employee's work ethic and his lack of attention to detail. She reprimanded him severely and also realized he'd lied on his resume and needed training. Bruno apologized and almost cried when he thought she was going to fire him. Holly instead decided to keep him on probation. Since Bruno was in dire need of the job, Holly knew she had him by the balls. She grabbed him by his new cheap tie and shoved his face onto her big tits. Then Holly opened her legs and instructed him to eat her sweet pussy. After smacking Bruno around, she gave him an amazing blow job and took his hard cock for a ride. To Holly's satisfaction, Bruno pounded her tight snatch all over her new couch and then blasted his load on her pretty face and big tits.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Brooklynchase - Ms. Chase was in disbelief when she found her so called handy man sleeping on the job. He neglected to do anything, so Brooklyn tossed water on him to wake him. That set the tone for him. He told her the job wasn't going to get done because the equipment she provided wasn't adequate. Brooklyn was going to make him sweat no matter what. She got him close and took off his tank. Ms. Chase was going to get some kind of satisfaction one way or another. Tyler popped out her giant tits and went to town on them. Brooklyn and her big boss tits gave Tyler a bonus job we all wish we could get. Tyler made sure he worked over her perfect body. Brooklyn got so horny from fucking him. She let him pressure wash her face with his own man hose.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Natasha - Natasha paid a moving guy to come to her place and move some stuff in her garage. Once he arrived, he noticed the job was a lot more stuff to move then she said on the phone. He told her he might need more guys to come help. Natasha said she needed the work done now, and she did not have time to wait. He started moving stuff and then got tired, so he decided to sit down and soak in some sun. Natasha caught him and took him inside to talk. She told him he was good for nothing and a piece of wood. He explained that he had a piece of wood for her. Soon after, she could not resist but grab his cock. Natasha was impressed by his crotch timber and pulled his cock out and started sucking. He pulled off her clothes and revealed those big juicy tits and luscious ass. Natasha got her pussy pounded and got man juice all over her beautiful tits.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Giannacapone - Gianna had a lot of problems with Jmac as her employee. She'd had it up to her tits with Jmac's incompetence. He seemed to think getting her coffee was enough to keep him his job, but Gianna wasn't having it anymore. She sat him down and wanted to know what he thought he could do to save his job. Seeing he had nothing to lose, he propositioned her. Gianna surprisingly went for it, and they got down to business. She was very surprised and pleased by his huge cock and sucking sucking it off right away. Jmac was having a blast playing with her giant tits and pounding her pussy silly. Was Jmac's performance good enough to keep him his job? Watch to find out.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Savana - Savana hired Jmac to do some handy work around the yard and it was not working out at all. He was slow to say the least and was not getting much of anything done. She came out to yell at him to do his job but easily got distracted once she saw him with his shirt off. She heard he had a huge cock and thought this would be a good way for him to make up his less than stellar yard work. She whipped out her huge tits and let Jmac suck all over those then she got to work slobbing on his cock. She then moved the party indoors where she really put him to work. Don not miss this Big Tits Boss showing her employee who the real boss is.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Rainia - Rainia was expecting the arrival of a few important clients at her home. She went around her house making sure that everything was tidy when she spotted the pool boy swimming in the pool instead of cleaning it. The pool boy was startled when he saw his big tit boss standing poolside. Rainia reprimanded her employee, and after his feeble attempts to justify his laziness, she told him to go inside. She was about to fire him, but she reconsidered when he said that he would do anything to keep his job. Rainia immediately opened her blouse and smothered the pool boy's face with her massive melons. Rainia took his hard cock for an exceptional ride and then demanded that he glaze her beautiful tits with his jizz. She ultimately fired the pool boy but then hired him as her personal fuck toy.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Jlove - Jmac was called into his boss's office once again for screwing up paperwork. She was livid and just about had it. Though she must get horny when she's angry because she practically threw her pussy at him. Jmac seemed a little shocked by it but also quite thrilled. She told him she'd reconsider keeping him depending on how well he ate her out. He dove into her lovely slice of pie and got her purring like the sexy kitten she was. After had her orgasming, he asked if he was still employed, but she wasn't done with him and told him to pull his dick out. She gasped and looked amazed at the size of his cock. Then she second guessed the request because she wasn't sure his dick would fit into her tight snatch. Jmac made sure to pound her good with his cock. Her eyes went wide and she gasped, as Jmac went balls deep. She begged at the end of this midday, office sexcapade for Jmac to cum all over her huge tits.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Maxine - Bruno came in for an interview with Maxine. She looked at his resume and told him that she had a better job offer for him, but only if he passed the test. She began to undress and reveal her amazing body. She pulled out his cock and was very impressed. She sucked and titty fucked his cock. She told him it was time for her try it and ride it. She rode that cock as her massive jugs bounced. She got her pussy pounded and got man juice all over her huge melons. He definitely got the job.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Stacie - Stacie is interviewing Jmac for a job. Jmac gets caught staring at Stacies huge melons and hopes it doesnt affect his chances of being hired. Jmac wasnt told all that this job requires, but once Stacie tells him she needs to know his dick size he knows he has it in the bag. Stacie says she has to see it and that an oral exam will follow. Jmac likes the sound of that a proceeds to lay his cock on her desk. Stacie then performs her oral exam in between tittie fucks. She decides to give him the full physical exam, pushes him on the couch, and rides Jmacs pole. Stacie continues to rotate between tittie fucking and sucking cock, while having her pussy licked and pounded hard. She begs for and receives a pool of cum on her tits. This seems to seal the deal and Jmac gets the job.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Persia - Persia was stressed out over finishing a major project. Her friend called to see what she was up to and realized how truly stressed Persia was. Her friend believed all she needed was a good man and Persia really didnt have any time to hit the dating scene and find someone to be involved with. Persias friend suggested using a male escort and she was resistant to the idea until she realized there will be no fuss, no muss, no headaches. Just a fuck and then she can get right back to work. Her friend set it all up and the escort showed up. He took control and relieved every ounce of stress while massaging her big corporate cannons. He put her through every position and blasted off all over her giant melons. Now she knows what she haas to do everytime she feels the pressure coming on too strong.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Austin2 - Kinzie did not know what else to do. Her husband refused to sign off on their divorce papers. It got to the point that she called a meeting with the two of them and their lawyer Austin. After a bitter exchange, Kinzie and her husband blew up and he stormed out. Austin knew exactly what to do. She told Kinzie to not worry about it. She would make it happen. So she shows up at his home with hopes of convincing him to sign the papers. Some titty flashing and a cock grab later and we were in business. Mr. Noreaga wasted no time in eating her tight shaved pussy and licking her ass. Intense blowjob and titty fucking action followed by some awesome sex action. Mid way, Austin takes out the papers and tells him to sign off or he will not get off. Needless to say, it got pretty nuts. Tune in to see what happens on the next episode of Big Tits Boss. Enjoy.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Priya2 - My big tit boss requested three of her employees besides myself to her home for an urgent meeting. Our sales were extremely low for the month and she was furious. We arrived not knowing what to expect so it completely caught us off guard when she stated that only the person with the biggest cock and balls was going to stay on her team. We had to lay the goods on the table for her to inspect. I was already hard from staring at her huge boobs so she was impressed by my schlongs readiness to please. She ordered me to bang her and lets just say that i now have job security.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Jodi - Jodi was waiting for something exciting to happen. When the post man arrived, she insisted he come in and give her that Special Delivery. What a Hot Body on this chick, shes got all the curves and Huge Beautiful Tits. This sort of thing does not happen often, so he made sure to deliver.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Carmella - Carmella is used to getting her way and this time was no different. She went to pick up her car in the shop and the mechanic on duty told her the car wasnt going to be ready for another two days. She pleaded with him until she figured she would give him a deal he could not refuse. Carmella let Ramon suck and fuck anything on her body and in return he will stay late and fix her car. He had to make sure it was ready the next morning but it was well worth it. He even got to stick his banana in her exhaust pipe. I think it was a fair trade.... play with her huge funbag airbags and muffle her muffler with his monkey wrench in exchange for great customer service and a timely job well done. I think any guy would have done the same.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Rebecca - Rebecca was home on her day off because she had scheduled an electrician to check out an electrical problem.What she didnt expect was that she would end up fucking the electricity man.And what a lucky dude.Because Rebecca was a beauty.What a fucking lucky guy...Oh Well..

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Jess - When you are a big tittied boss, sometimes things are just too small. Take Jess for instance. Her office was taking a toll on her because her desk was just too big for her and her bodacious ta-tas to comfortably occupy the office. She called Alan to come in and do some measurements. He brought the tools, she had the box. He measured curves and angles, and decided that he could give her a special deal if she asked nicely. She did and soon after slots were getting nailed, holes drilled and rugs laid. Jess helped with the preliminary cleanup by impersonating a hoover and everyone left happy.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Tory - Tory had just moved into a new home and was still getting situated when she realized she had a little pest control problem. She called an exterminator and decided to relax in her backyard. She got carried away when the heat started warming up her body and she began to touch herself. Ramon the exterminator saw her playing with her big tits and decided to jerk off while spying on her. She caught him and told him she would get him fired unless he took care of her other problem.... her extreme horniness. She took it right in the ass knowing he was used to the dirty work and as soon as he dropped his load all over her huge honkers she kicked him out.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Davia - Davia was in town for a couple of important business meetings and had booked the presidential suite to accomodate them. When she got to the hotel, she was given the wrong room. Livid, she spoke to the hotel manager who not only promised to have her in the suite come morning, but sent a complimentary bottle of champagne to appease her. So a free room and bubbly to make up for the mistake. Not too shabby. Ramon came by with the bottle and served her more than a glass. She wanted to see his cock. He obliged. The rest is documented for you to see. Big tits getting sucked and fucked after a messy wet blowjob. Some hardcore sex with some anal to boot. Talk about getting serviced. Enjoy.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Ricki - Ricki is looking to close the deal on a fucking mansion. Man, must be nice. John at the spot ready with all the paperwork ready to be signed. What he does not know is that Ricki has a special request for the closing. He needs to fuck her, and fuck her good. What a nympho. But when you are the Boss, people have to do what you want.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Mason - Mason was infuriated when she found out that Ramon was banging her accountant and several other employees. She called him at the office and told him to get his ass to her house. After scolding him and threatening to fire him she revealed what she was really upset about, Mason wanted what every chick in the office was bragging about. She ordered Ramon to fuck her and who in their right mind would refuse her huge tits, nice hips and perfect ass. He went to work making her squirt several times from every angle. Ramon kept his job and got to fuck one of the hottest big tits bosses around.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Giana - Giana is a pretty organized boss. She makes sure she delegates all the duties to the proper employee and always keeps them on task. She thought Marco was the most qualified to take lead on a major project but this time more than anything it was because she was able to make out the outline of his throbbing cock through his slacks and decided to keep him late so she can take some DICKtation from him for a change. He was more than happy to obey his boss and get a RAISE in the process. She smothered his face and cock with her huge boobs and slid his dick in and out of her corporate cunt. Im sure she thinks a promotion is in order after such a thorough cock stroking.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Robyn - When Mrs. Titty speaks, employees listen. They also gawk at her outrageously big tits and shift nervously as tents are pitched...Well, the male employees anyway. John was a new hire and much to his surprise, his new boss was a BILF. Her boobs practically jumped out of her tight shirt and into his face. He helped them out of the bra a little, but thats not the point. The point is that he fucked his hot, blond, big tittied, nympho boss on her desk. He fucked her good too. John will be sure to get a bonus in his check for this.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Holly - I had a computer tech guy come to my office. He was trying to fix a problem, but I kept catching him sneak a peek. I got frustrated and fed up with him. I smashed his face into my tits to get his mind straight. Well I got myself all hot and bothered. I could not concentrate any more, so I tossed his clipboard away and grabbed his dick. He was already hard as a rock which got my pussy excited. He played with my huge tits as I wrapped them around his dick. There was nothing stopping each other after that. I am never going to look at my desk the same ever again. I told him he was not going to get paid until he shot his load all over my massive tits. It was the best support I have ever had with computers. I just wish I got my computer working.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Charisma - Here we another example on how to persuade your Boss into giving you a good review. Marco was in for a surprise. He had been eye balling his Bosses fine body for a while. Charisma took charge of the situation when he handed in his file to her. After a quick review, she proceeded to taunt and tease Marco with her gigantic breasts. What would you do in and see how Marco works for his money.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Lisa - My goodness...Lisa had massive boobs..So big her shirt was almost ripping apart..And with that sexy face to match one cant deny this was one sexy boss..And with my boy bringing her fruits he was sure to fuck..A sexual fantasy explored.Fucking an executive boss on the the executive chair..He might just get lucky and get a little call from the boss herself and drop the fruits for some more office extasy..

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Tanya - So after the meeting Tanya and one of her employees were going back to the office to discuss a few key points from the meeting and maybe take a few notes. But once they returned to the office Rocco couldnt stop staring at Tanyas tits! It became so obvious that Tanya mentioned it, Rocco didnt deny it, he also told her hes been watching them for a good little while now. She was obviously turned on and from there all the action began! Enjoy!

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Melissa - I just moved to LA from New York, and driving people around in the city is what I did for money. So once I got settled, I had an interview with the gorgeous Melissa who needed a chauffeur to drive her around while she runs her errands. She read my resume as I stared down her huge amazing tits, and saw I had previous experience from driving in the city. I had no idea I was also going to be used for sexual pleasures as well, her demands had my dick rock hard. Her big tits were bouncing so beautifully that once she told me to put it in her ass, I knew I was in for a long ride... Enjoy..

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Julia - Julia and I had been playing phonetag for a few days trying to iron out these reports. Standard numbers crunching. When we finally spoke, we set up a meeting at her house, which I found weird but no biggie. I get there and we discuss work for about 2 minutes before getting down to REAL business. She starts to show off her huge round boobs and bubble butt ass that she is hiding in that business suit of hers. Her long blonde hair begging to get pulled. She unleashes her boobs and it was all she wrote after that. She gave me a masterful blowjob before letting me eat her juicy pussy. I could not take it anymore and started to fuck her something serious. Amazing. We had a great time. We should have more business meetings like this in the future.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Daisy - Daisy was trying to mail a package and she needed some help from the delivery man. Daisy had a juicy rack and a luscious ass. So, the delivery man dropped by to give Daisy some help with her package, but she ended up helping him with his package. At first, she let him look but not touch, but after a moment she could not get her hands off of his package. First, she had him eat that sweet pussy on her kitchen counter top. Then, she gave him some fantastic deep throat. Then, she got pumped all over her kitchen. The action continued until the manjuice sprayed all over her beautiful big tits. Then, he took that package and bailed.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Phoenix2 - This has to be the hottest woman in the world..Face Ass Titties Lips Legs Titties and Titties..All the entangeables..This Megadiva is a certified dime and perfect in every way.Phoenix knew how to use that to her advantage.Maybe even to get a few joint ventures to work out to her favor.And with that body how could you say no!EnJoY...

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Mariah - Mariah cant remember the last time she got laid so she starts to masturbate within her office walls. But in all the excitement she forgets shes not alone in the office. The nighttime watchman is there. Tommy the Watchman finds himself unable to curb his curiosity as he hears moaning coming from the office across the hall. As he peeks in the office to see whats the hap...Mariah catches the Peeping Tommy and decides if shes gonna get in trouble she might as well take Tommy down with her. She invites him in and demands to be fucked. Youre the boss replies Tommy and the rest is history.

Big Tits Boss offering good fuck hardcore porn movies and pictures
Diiamond - So I showed up to work early one morning to get a jump on this project I had to do. Little did I know that Diamond would be there too. She said something about having to be at some early morning conference. The coffee machine was not the only thing that was heating up in the office that early morning. Next thing I knew Diamond was having me massage her huge boobs with those big round brown nipples. I love my job. After some blowjob action and pussy licking, we decided to take the action to one of the conference rooms. What a fantasy it was to fuck one of my bosses on a table at work. And fuck we did. Her round bubble butt ass bouncing all over dick was incredible. The anal was even more fun. We finished just in time to almost get caught. Haha. Amazing. Enjoy.

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